2 04 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

I am sick and tired of being managed by the elected, their appointed and selected, as if I was a blithering idiot. Believability is an essential component of governing. The subordination of citizen to the law of the land can only be achieved if there is an unwritten morally founded understanding between those that govern and the governed. This Obama administration has lost and is losing the pieces and parts, the moral fabric, the very stitching that bonds citizen to government. There has been way too much bullshit spread around the byways of congress, the White House, and the offices of this administration’s leadership.

Our elected have an insatiable appetite for presenting spews of hypocrisies (to the American people); these hypocrisies are multi-faceted in content as well as process. The elected are overt when presenting their pretensions; without even the courtesy of clever deception they overtly contradict their once closely held convictions. Indeed they are steadfast in their duplicitous, blatantly obvious, two-facedness.

The elected, once empowered, prance, dance, and rhetorically wiggle their ideological nonsense with an arrogance that can only be described as oligarchic in comportment. The behavioral actions of the Democratic Party, enthusiastically demonstrated by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, consider the federal government as the omnipotent authority; as such, this authority has the right of omnipresence in the lives of every American citizen. Accordingly, the power of the federal government has no specific constitutional limits, less to serve the interest of the subjectively interpreted common good.

Contradictions in fact are exactly that… hell, we have them video taped. Documented videos of Democratic politicians taking positions when they were out of power, righteously pronouncing positions on policy, process, and substance that they now directly contradict. Although, it is now the Democrats captured in these outrageous contradictions; the Republicans were as culpable. Power is the seducer of sensibility, faith, hope, and charity.

A government — not just this American government — is by compulsion omnivorous; government left to its intrinsic proclivity will eat its young. Since the time of Ur, power enhanced and, embedded within, the few have suppressed, eradicated, and abused individual liberty and freedom. Do we really need to relearn the same lesson over and over again?

The Obama movement must be stopped; by the grace of good sense, we Americans must not be fooled by the promises of the utopian socialist dreams of heaven on earth. This administration is managed by a cadre of ideologically driven socialists… Let’s pay attention and vote them out of sight and hearing!




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