11 04 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

There are historians of French governments that have suggested that the French Revolution of 1789 was significantly incited by its deficit financing of the American Revolution. If so, the persuasion of Misters Franklin and Adams cost King Louis XVI his head. Accordingly, President Obama’s majority has been persuaded to vote into place a federal deficit that even after the adjustment for inflation would make good King Louie’s financial underwriting of the American War of Independence a pittance.

Well, at least King Louis had a definitive foreign policy motive; England was a strategic rival. But for the liberal progressives, their motivation is not so clear-headed. Indeed, the progressives’ motive is concealed within an opaque of ideological complexities. Their attempt at explanation results in a continuum of ambiguities and stylistic themes embedded with popularism-like possibilities. Obama and company struggle to define the exact-meaningfulness of the very policies they parade.

In the finality, Obama rests his vision on the socialistic concept of fairness, equity, and the leveling of the playing field. Of course with America being a nation of laws, the implementation of his agenda of socialist-progressiveness requires actions by means legal and extra legal. Note the recent 51 instead of 60 votes in the Senate regarding health care legislation as an example of his methodology of application… The entire process was corruptive, yet doctored with the pretence of statutorily compliance.

Ideological fuel will enable super-events; nevertheless, just as gravity cannot be denied so to the limit of ideology when confronted with the real and practical. In the interest of what is called “social justice”, Obama has loaded — and is presently loading — the mule train of private enterprise with too many passengers for the number of mules. Sensibility deduces that somewhere along the journey, eventually, some of the passengers will need to walk instead of ride.

Respective of the obvious denying of empirical soundness, Obama and his progressives insist on taxing and regulating the very enterprises that purchase, monitor, and manage the mules. The only possible result of such counter productiveness is less mules and more passengers. As a consequence, regardless of the progressives’ prediction that the Obama brand is “change that we can believe in”, his interpretive is in fact nothing less than the establishment of oligarchic-socialism that will not survive economic nor social reality. In order for Obama to implement his agenda, he must violate the spirit and meaningfulness of this nation’s constitution.

These contrarians of American values and traditions must be voted into obscurity. In the next election, as Rome delivered to Carthage in the Third Punic War, we conservatives must deliver in-kind to these progressives.




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