17 04 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

Although critically essential, my issue with the Obama government is not its spending, it’s not its insistence on favoring union over non-union, it is neither its ideological deception as expressed politically, nor its inherent socio-economic deceptiveness, and it isn’t even its Marxist-socialistic preference over private enterprise and capitalism. My problem with the Obama democrats is their means to achieve; their ends will effectually disable American power, debilitate the nation’s economic system, and establish a federal hyper-dysfunctional entrenched bureaucracy.

As evidenced over the broad swath of history, all economic systems founded on socialistic principles have produced, at worst, catastrophic results (i.e. Nazism, Fascism); at best, (the EU in general and Greece in particular) the results have been objectively ineffectual, a catalyst of ever-increasing dysfunction that by the weight of its incompetence promotes a continuum of unintended consequences, as well as a class of citizenry, comforted into a self-perpetuating scheme of personal entitlement.

In the eventual, the ideologically inspired concepts of liberal-progressivism, as with all brands of socialism, will fail. The liberal-progressives will lose their majority — but that is just one objective, one definitive that one can hold in one’s hand. Remembering, however, there was and is a number of liberal, somewhat progressive politicians within the Republican Party. During their spin at majority, they have spent like a sober-democrat, fashioned a repulsive immigration bill, voted for stupid on a number of occasions; currently, one of them has decided that Americans should fork out 15 cents more for a gallon of gasoline.

The legislative culprit that took an amendment to the constitution to implement is the federal taxation of individual persons’ earnings. That one act of congress abated liberty and individual rights more than any grievance charged within our Declaration of Independence to King George, his soldiers, or his governance. Imagine! Members of Congress, voted into the law of the land that thousands of men, women, and children died to fight.

One of the brothers within the family of liberal progressivism, a close relative of the heretofore mentioned culprit, is the so-called federally enforced progressive tax system; wherein forty to fifty percent of wage earners pay zero federal tax. In other terms, nothing invested, no concern. Therefore, the majority will always vote to take more from the minority. The democrats have a fortune on this progressive system of taxation. Obama gave my money to the deserving because he decided, along with the beneficiaries, that such was fair. Of course the deserving voted for the man who would give them my money — they’re no dummies.

Now all of these family members, regardless of party, reinforce their privilege of lifetime elective office as well as voting for salary increases, commensurate with more cash for expenses and staff.

Congress has gone mad with power, arrogance, and the unrelenting practice of stupid… it is time for notice and consequence.



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