Authored by William Robert Barber

What has happened to our government? Is it that congress, pushed, pulled, and prodded by Liberal Progressives over the last hundred or so years, has successfully changed the ethos of American thought? Was the impact of FDR’s successful socialistic agenda far greater than realized? Has Jimmy Carter’s naiveté particularly on foreign policy been effectuating such fearfulness within this nation state that we refuse to accept our reality? And because of our inability to address Iran, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah with military force, we pick a silly fight with Israel? Or is it that Americans have come to realize that America would be — and indeed is — a better place because the enlightened progressives have reshaped and remolded American society? That this new era of Americans has finally submitted to ‘the way of Obama’ and the progressives’ political ideal?

The liberal progressives of today have persistently proffered an America where a communalist definitive of social justice is the acceptance. The progressives believe public funded entitlements are an obligatory normative. They also enthusiastically endorse a tax policy that in practice, for those paying into it, is discriminative and egregious. A tax policy that in its finality, if successful, penalizes the risk takers for the privilege of taking the risk; and if the risk taker loses its cash, tough… Unless the entity in question is a “too big to fail” or government enterprise such as Fannie or Freddie. Progressives espouse the redistribution of wealth, coupled with a perverse interpretive of newly founded individual rights, such as healthcare, as an ipso facto.

The leadership of the liberal progressives has tried to eliminate existentialism as the philosophical raison d’être of American distinction. They want Americans to submit to a socialistically inclined republic wherein the wise does all the thinking for the less than wisest. In their sense of perfect, the common man’s fate is rendered to the providence of government; a government that offers life’s essentials to all, regardless of status or intelligence quotient. In other words, working is no longer required.

A progressive’s utopia is a land whose population is equal in all material measurement. A land of uncanny understanding, civil tolerance, functional equality; a land where such is within one’s grasp if only one would submit to the promise and providence of government sagacious. The American people (or at least a significant number of Americans) actually believe it is proper, even preferred, to take money fairly earned by one — utilizing the government as the intermediary — and give that money to another. The other is not required to be an American citizen. The other can be a country, a worthy or not so worthy cause. This give-away of taxpayers’ dollars can also take the form of arms, food, drugs, the International Monetary Funds, the United Nations, or even a variant of services such as abortions — all supported by US currency.

As expected, for the life of me, I do not understand the thinking of these liberal progressives; it is beyond my cognitive to submit to their promise of something or another — well, it is either a something or it is another. I do not understand the Obama-Holder-Pelosi-Reid message, other than it is utter nonsense.

As I have conservative, I have liberal-progressive associates; some of my conservative acquaintances think of me as too conservative and certainly all of my liberal-progressive comrades think of me as outlandishly right wing… I do not believe I could ever generate enough consensus to fill anything larger than a phone booth; nevertheless, I prod along. I do so by putting one foot in front of the other, presumably just as those who think quite differently; admittedly however, I am sometimes a bit more frustrated than at other times over the present Obama governing process. But then I still have November to reconcile my current angst with the new leaning conservative congress.

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