Authored by William Robert Barber

Media and constituency! Do you not notice the obvious? Congress is legislating for political, ideological, and self-serving purpose…

As I have written in earlier blog’s: There has never been a corruption-free government, nor will there ever be such a governing body. Therefore, what constituents ought to require of government’s leadership, is a statutory definitive of governmental transparency and be adamant about its ubiquitous implementation. This measure should be joined with a principled, rigid adherence to the letter and spirit of checks and balances; and lastly, constituents as well as the media should insist on the ethics and morals of Caesar’s wife upon the elected, appointed, and staffed. Of course the issue with my preceding sentences is that, in the majority, the veracity of the particular government encumbered upon a nation reflects directly on the righteous qualities of its constituents. In simple terms, as stated by some sage years ago, we always get the government we deserve.

It stands to reason that the larger the size of government, the greater its power. Power enhances the opportunity for corruptive principles and practices to take seed and entangle. Government rendered to its own devises will run amok with copious bureaucracies; it will create an irresolute system of statutory ambiguity, treacherous bureaucrats, and regulators that pay more attention to political whims than independent judgment. A government cannot seem to function without the endorsement — indeed the fraternally incestuous relationship with, of, and for attorneys. At every opportunity, government will ask for more money — never for less.

The set-in-stone answer of government’s leaders to the task of governing, often at the price of exclusion or the forfeit of one segment, class, or demographic from the other, is to create entitlements. These entitlements are brazenly issued to favorites of government blessings. Favoritism is the utility of a corruptive government. The voters sell their vote to the candidate that promises them the most bang and favor for their vote. Obama promised those that pay no federal individual income taxes cash — so the majority of this segment voted for Obama. Of course favoritism has been used by both of our political parties to further their specific agenda. When the white team is in power, they, with fanfare, and super human purpose, make up for the favorites extended by the red team; as President Obama pointed out in many of his public remarks, to paraphrase, it is time that those wealthy Americans, you know the ones that benefited during the Bush presidency, pay the fiddler.

On one side of a politician’s mouth they speak of bipartisanism, on the other side of the same mouth they speak of political pay-back. Favoritism follows the power broker that bandies available favors extended from one administration to the other. Because of the majority control of congress by democrats, bipartisanism was sacrificed in favor of brute means; the tactic of any and all was employed by the Obama majority to satisfy their interpretive of social righteousness.

The American people need to end this bloated nonsense; we the people must stand up and deliver individual liberty; we must end this Obama drift toward socialism and the crony self-dealing of liberal progressives.

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