Authored by William Robert Barber

Since the founding and constant (so it seems) re-establishing of this nation’s principles of political origin, the reliance of/on constitutional fidelity has always been tied to an actively interested citizenry. Nevertheless, from the very beginning only a portion of the population actively participates in the political process. If left to its own devises, government, as wet is to water, will by asexual copulations corrupt the ethos of lawful intent and the spirit of moral righteousness. Enabling its own regard, the politicians that govern will choose power over fidelity to original purpose.

When at the discretion of the proper authorities federal and state law is not enforced, or when a statutory law is violated and the media, administration, and politicians minimize its effect by saying that it is done all the time, politics as usual, this nation is in deep dodo.

When I look about, seeking an answer to the question of why citizens do not engage and declare, I surmise that possibly in the interest of facilitating peacefulness, a stress-free lifestyle, or to go with the flow, apathy is the accomplished preference of concern. The thinking here (so it seems) is not to burden oneself with over-thinking. Or, even better, as little thinking as possible is the derigueur of Zen-like disengagement. For minimalists, the protective shroud of ignorance is more than simply an excuse…it is a way of life. The citizens of common means (which the majority of citizens are) have abandoned the righteousness of moral indignation in favor of a variety of submissions. These submissions to a higher secular authority normally take the form of adherence to a governmental directive that is directly or indirectly applied. In other words, the common reasoning of the average citizen to any societal, cultural, or otherwise problem of our nation state is to seek the answer, or point the finger to government for the solution.

There is a psychological comfort in the mythology of believing that a higher secular authority is the answer to the metrics of problem solving. In unreal terms it actually matters little if this belief is truthful or not; the value to the believer is in the perception that government will find the solution. The basis for the believer’s positive perception that government is the super-hero is not founded on logic or deductive evidence; indeed, such analysis is not required. The only real requirement is faith. Remembering that faith is never hampered by insufficient facts. Nor is faith measured by a requirement for tangible results. Faith for the faithful will never debase in value because of the remiss of objectiveness; essentially, faith can subsists without reason, rational, or the clarification inherent in a process of deductive logic.

This nation’s financial success since WWII has prompted the common into an attitude of general permissiveness; the individual citizen has been seduced by governmental entitlements and without a doubt, the government gains strength of will every time a citizen, via the law of the land, takes another dime of a fellow citizen’s earnings. The once traditional American indulgence of prudence, sensibility, and personal discipline has been replaced by a citizen induced into a mentality of self-indulgence, wrong-headed delusion, and a woe-me state of mind.

Liberal progressives have steadfastly inflicted their political philosophy and ideals upon the nation’s constituents for over a hundred years. They have had a detrimental effect upon the spirit and ideal of American existentialism. Unless Obama’s democrats are soundly defeated in the next election, these socialists will damage every aspect of our American identification… the replacement will be as Europeans.

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