21 06 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

The wise and all-knowing, the elitists of academia and affairs of state, the ones that dwell within a self-created dimension, a sublimity that stands apart from the every-day of reality, they engender the political principles of populism while actively debasing the meaningfulness of individual liberty and freedom. Plato’s government of perfection exampled by Marcus Aurelius would have hardily endorsed this Obama brand of liberal progressivism.

There is a battle cry. An almost vengeful emotion is emitting and forming into a gage or challenge. An election is on the horizon. A political measure of tolerance and acceptance of Obama policies is being offered to the electorate. The Democrats are scrambling to capture the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans — they wish for them to turn to the political left while the Republicans want the voters to turn to the conservative right.

The unions want more power and influence for such enrichment of power eliminates the need to compete for the workers’ fidelity within the marketplace of competitive ideas and options. The unions must resort to state induced statutory compulsion in order to survive; they must eliminate the righteousness of private business; hence capitalism as known in America’s tradition of knowing must be uprooted and replaced by a union favorable alternate.

Then, of course, there is Chris Mathews. He is an excellent exemplar of a media liberal who, by means intuitive and uncanny, can read the mind of conservative thought; he is entertainingly insightful. He is a pundit that deciphers the truth of any political matter without the need for source or evidentiary documentation. A truly remarkable Sunday morning feat.

The news media has become the entertainment media wherein script is provided hour-by-hour. In fact, the content is so voluminous and variant, the editor establishes the contextual personality of the network. The pretty faces and eloquent voices are just programmed talking-heads that smile and frown on queue. After all the elected with their compatriots, the attorneys have purposefully entangled the operations of governing into an ambiguous enigma. Therefore the media have taken on the persona of the one true analyst, jury of first cause and judge of lasting result.

Withstanding collateral influences, I do believe that this upcoming November election is the formative basis of this country’s political future. If the Democrats are not soundly defeated, conservative thought will not prevail and a synthesis of liberal progressivism will dominate politics in America. This upcoming election is the Obama trial by fire. If he should survive, conservative political ideology will be taught in academia as a mere reference to a once governing ideology of present abandonment. The essence of American exceptionalism will (to steal a materially edited phrase from the Lincoln delivered, Gettysburg address) “perish from this earth.”

As the last hundred years bear witness, liberal progressive politicians are not – despite their populous credo to the contrary – the political panacea for the poor and downtrodden. Their only effectiveness is to enlarge and ingratiate the Byzantine networks of layered bureaucracies. These progressives have turned government into a competing enterprise of unionized employees that for the most part is overpaid and underworked. The time has come to turn decidedly to the political right and throw the bums out of office!




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