Authored by William Robert Barber

This government of ours is mimicking the financial-political chaos of ancient Rome. The unrelenting diatribe between those in power and those vying for power, the back and forth of charge and counter charge, coupled with a nuance or two, the at times juvenile explanations are broadcast 24/7. The amount of diverse ubiquitously disseminated information is voluminous as well as inimitable. Quantifying a differing viewpoint is an all consuming endeavor. Everyone has an opinion, none is ignored. Truthfulness is not a requirement of the disseminators. From political pundits, anonymous bloggers, to entertainers, the “free-for-all” of petty, many times truly scurrilous attacks seem comparatively unequal in their venomous intent. But then, if such mongering is not annoying enough, the antitheses, equal in appeal, will try one’s resolve. The ineffective and frankly implausible, often hypocritical, highfalutin bombast fabricated by politicians and their trainers, insincerely delivered with a wide smile solely for political satisfaction, is irritatingly shameful.

How could any of these mimickers of ancient Rome actually believe that the informed citizen (the ones that vote) could actually be influenced by the continuum of contrivance spewing out of the mouths of these politicians? Obviously, enough of the informed believe the politically motivated — otherwise, the tactic would change. I assume the objective is to create enough doubt that the voter will, once in the voting booth, decide to cast either a negative or skip that particular ballot.

Less the advance of technology Caesar would find kinship in the politics of today. As in Caesar’s time, one requires cash, pretty, catchy words and phrases, eager acolytes or at least the pretense of same; certainly, the press must be fastidiously dedicated against one’s opponent, a strong internet marketing presence, and the willingness for unabashed deception. Since Washington’s second term, for the sake of winning, in the name of compromise, the elite of political leadership has, with some worthy exceptions, steadily drifted into the malaise of personal character dilution. The result is less and less inclination for the ideals and virtues of Cincinnatus and more and more for the preference of Sulla. The symbolic Rubicon has been crossed so many times by congress and their brethren of schemers that all pretenses have been set aside until senators finally “pork-barreled” in a four-lane span-bridge.

Congresspersons, not all but many, spend a good deal of their time wings spread, feathers on display, doodle doing legislation, while plotting and planning means to hold their office until they die.

The concept of a “free-press” has been replaced by entertainers with smiles, news that are cut and pasted along the lines of ideological fondness and delivered by genders, in the most part with dashing good looks. These “talking-heads” are keen on hair, teeth, and clothes. All of the dressing for the part is to service viewer ratings; however, if ratings are not up to par, then the value shifts to the practical: All is passable, one can get by as long as they (the actors of the press playing journalist) posses at least the pretense of transcendent regard.

The unions are demanding, like unruly children, that their agenda is enacted and adhered. After all, they shout “we put Obama into power and we (the union) demand our pound of flesh”. For Caesar, the unions would represent paid-for gangs that would march the streets of Rome and beat up the opposition in favor of their candidate. For unions the only factor of consideration is power; the means to achieve that end is simply not relevant. Hmm they sound like some attorneys, crooks, the dastardly, outlaws, and many members of congress.

Truman’s rebuff of MacArthur’s tactical determination secured the future for the dictatorships of China and North Korea. North Korea has been gaining from our weakness since Eisenhower declared (during an election) that he would end the war instead of saying he would deliver victory over an aggressor. JFK did not invade Cuba ninety miles off our coast but initiated a protective umbrella for a corrupt regime, ten thousand miles away. And now Iran has decided that terrorism is a good investment. What is Obama to do?

Since Hadrian built his wall, history has proven over again that power, if not committed, is disabled by its very unwillingness. The President of the United States is stymied by indecision brought to form by conflicting possibilities; his perchance for conceptuality breeds contemplation which leads back to indecision. A leader must distinguish the illusion of dragons from the real. Obama, less his ideological beliefs, is embodied in a maelstrom of self-inflicted contemplation; all he really wants to do is run for office. For this man and his party, governing, as with the seafarer, is the albatross of ominous prospect.

The liberal progressive leadership of Obama’s Democratic Party is lost in the implementation of socialism. They have prioritized social justice as the cause and spreading the wealth as the means. In this particular endeavor Obama has made significant strides…

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