Authored by William Robert Barber

We are getting closer to the November elections. Democrats are desperate for a cause to enable their constituents and disable the conservatives. The focus of concern for the Obama brand is on the independent voters. The liberal progressives need something better to rally the voters than “it could have been much worse.” The blame-it-on-Bush approach is wearing very thin and despite all of that good news, I am still very anxious. Things happen!

This midterm election is a definitive means test of the Obama administration; in fact, such test also applies to the constituents of conservative and independent ideals. Particularly for the conservatives, the task is all uphill. Deep inroads need to be made into a heretofore super majority of Democrats within in the House of Representatives. More Republicans are needed in the Senate. And for very sure, considering 2011 being a census year, there will be contesting over congressional seats; therefore, the governor races are of heightened concern.

The goal is clear: Stop the Reid reelection and stymie the Pelosi and Obama liberal progressive juggernaut by voting out their elected acolytes.

There are so many interesting developments brewing… Arizona’s immigration case is heading for appeal, the contesting in federal court over the healthcare mandate forcing individuals to purchase health insurance, the posiible extension of all or part of the Bush tax cut, offshore oil reinstatement or not, the tug-of-wills over the wars in the Middle East, Iran’s nuclear insistence, and N. Korea’s belligerence. How will the Obama administration field all of these issues of grave concern?

And of course the grand questions: How will the people of the United States electorally respond to the continuance of the liberal progressives’ policy agenda? Will the voters cast the Democratic majority out in favor of the Republicans or will the response to the Obama progressives be measured and mild? Will Nevada and Kentucky vote the Tea Party candidates in or not?

No matter what the results are of the November election, 2011 will be a volatile year. No matter what happens, Democrats are going to be displeased with the election. Unless the Republicans gain a significant voting percentage — if not the majority — they will be less than satisfied. And no matter the outcome of the election, there is still Obama in the White House… dissatisfaction will be ruling the year.

It will all heat up to a frenzy in September and October; today the Republicans seem to have the upper hand… but tomorrow is not November 2, so I am in my hopeful mode as I strive to cede hope into faith!

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