Authored by William Robert Barber

There are four reasons why I am against the current U.S. federal/state socio-economic-political philosophy that is incased within our progressive income tax system:

1. The federal and state (where applicable) policy of individual taxation purposefully excludes or minimizes to the extreme the participation of all citizens to pay income taxes.

2. The present system of distributing taxes collected by the federal government is by prima facie discriminative in application and process.

3. The federal government’s system of taking from one state of the union in order to give to another is (as documented) a model platform for legislative corruption, politician influence peddling, and the guidebook for wasteful spending.

4. Businesses are taxed on profits. The definition of profits is crafted within the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). My issue with that standard as it relates to tax policy is that only profitable businesses carry the entire burden of taxation — and all Obama and his brand of ideologues want to legislate is a higher tax on those profits.

The progressive tax system, by deliberate exclusion, denies at least 45% of this country’s individual income earners the right of participation in the most material aspects of citizenship: The duty of participating in one of the most critical aspects of citizenship, which should not be denied by the deceitful rhetoric of any politician or political party. After all, respective of the politician’s declaration of fairness or the farce of creating an even playing field as the cause to not tax 45% of the income earners, the real reason to exclude is always tied to gathering votes. In this republic every citizen is an obligated participant in the task of governing. One is not a participant if they have no cause for concern; and the most cause for concern is government spending. This duty of citizenship, once denied implies the disenfranchisement (by government) of a citizen’s premier responsibility which results in a marginalization of the individual’s motivation or cause to monitor governmental activities. Obviously, government wants to evade transparency, accountability, and oversight; by denying inclusion in the obligation of taxpaying to a large percentage of the citizenry, the cause to inquire simply vanishes and the politicians that endorse such a policy has gained a vote.

Those citizens who have from generation to generation enjoyed the entitlement of government’s pecuniary support have no cause to participate since they are only on the receiving end of the system. Politicians know that even though each one of these citizens has a vote, there are no conservatives within that demographic. Hence, politicians seeking an anchor electorate know how to keep the entitlements coming…

Further, politicians since and before Caesar attained governmental offices by coercion, the bargaining of influence, and the overt buying of votes. A method of buying votes is to give cash to those that have a vote and a need for the cash. Obama was the most recent – but far from the only – practitioner of giving cash to purchase votes; in fact, the purchasing of power by means legal and extralegal has been going on since the city of Ur.

Interestingly, I have never heard of an American politician citing his or her interest in making the rich richer; it is always rectifying the great wrong done to the poor. For Caesar it was to empower the plebeians with land and government influence to the contrary of Roman tradition as well as to the disadvantage of the ruling patricians. For President Obama it was to give money to those who pay no individual income tax. In both cases the objective was to garner emotional support and buy their vote.

The popular proclamation today amongst the liberal progressive movement is directed to the most exalted and beloved-the middle class. This class, according to the progressive leaders, consist of the the very ones who were tricked, duped by Republican skullduggery, or simply mislead by the just-about-evil rich demigods of the George W. Bush corporate class. Hence the Obama cause to level the playing field via the utility of taxation, taking from the more to give to the less. Or maybe the motivation of Obama was more direct…buying votes via the manipulation of tax policy.

Because we have no term limits, those elected representatives that have been in power the longest, have the most privileges. Therefore, they have the first cut of those monies distributed by the federal government. The process of federal tax distribution is flawed by the process employed, which is why a senator or congressperson of long standing redeems more tax dollars for his/her state than another state or in some cases actually enjoys a surplus of tax revenue — because they receive more than taxes paid in.

The entire system of distribution is fraught with corruptive practice. Millions upon millions of taxpayer monies are paid out for the dumbest of causes; this corruptive practice is known by everyone, but for reasons of political consideration and compromise, the practice is allowed to continue, even flourish. It is shameful.

Most businesses fail. Few businesses actually make a profit. Most small businesses are single proprietorships wherein there is no GAAP profit. Taxes are paid via the proprietor’s salaries. That is exactly why the Obama administration’s effort to aid and assist small business per tax deferment, abatement, or forgiveness is ludicrous; the small business has no profit to take advantage of. Corporate taxes are paid by the profitable and all the elected do is burden these companies more in taxes, as a penalty for the outrageousness of making a profit.

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