Authored by William Robert Barber

The constituents of this nation of ours are crying out for congressional action regarding illegal immigration and border security. Therefore, in an effort to relieve congress of a duty it will not address, I have decided -by the writing of this entry – to solve the US border/immigration problem with our neighbor to the South. Sound a little hubris? Well, if Vice President Biden, without concerns of accuracy or empirical evidence, bombast and hypothecates his persona of confidence in Obama’s economic policies, it seems fitting that I can unilaterally declare a solution to a heretofore unsolvable socio-economic problem.

What Spanish speaking country benefits financially from its willful albeit illegal exportation of its citizens into the United States?

Well, clearly Mexico, the sovereign state, benefits and obviously, Mexicans benefit — if not, multimillions over these many, many, years wouldn’t have trekked north. The very fact that Mexican citizens, seeking financial surety and all of its derivatives, must leave their home, usually by dangerous and certainly illegal measures, to find such surety is a negative indictment of the Mexican government’s veracity of governing competence.

For a service fee, millions of US Dollars are repatriated by Mexican banks. All of this income flowing into Mexico is prompted solely by the successful illegal export of its citizens into America. This exportation of Mexican citizens is premeditated, willful, contrived, and supported with a wink and a nod by the Mexican government and its private affiliates.

Hence it is not the individual alone that is liable for breaching US immigration law. The government of Mexico is the real culpable indispensable accomplice.

Therefore, for committing a breach of US law, it is the Mexican government in addition to the individual Mexican that is the violator. This ameliorated new approach (of mine) to viewing an old problem, once thoughtfully contemplated reveals itself as axiomatic and truthful. The governing Mexican administrations, both present and past, have been aiding and abetting for years the willful violation of US law. Mexico is the prime offender — and is consequently the first cause of reparation.

Let me be absolutely clear, I am stating, unequivocally, that the Mexican government is directly liable for its citizens’ contravention of US immigration laws.

Ok, well, so what! The “so what” is a strategic realignment not just of culpability but of subsequent judicial recourse. Nevertheless, the United States can offer to Mexico a means to end their participation in breaching US immigration law, or face the consequences of lawful recourse. Interestingly, the elimination of the problem is not only costless but readily implemental.

The USA offers to open its borders by issuing 6-months work permits – with some obvious restrictions – to all able boded Mexicans. The work permits are issued and a fee is charged. Any violations of the covenants by the individual will have a financial penalty, including deportation and permanent exclusion. The secondary guarantor of this transaction is the Mexican government.

The Mexican government permits US firms the right of majority ownership in Mexican domiciled businesses and private property and adopts an equal status for investment in Mexico as the US affords to Mexicans in the United States.

In less than five years, citizens of Mexico will have less cause to live and work in the United States because US firms who now control their own fate will blossom in Mexico. The border will be gleefully overrun by American tourists, businesspersons, and investors.

However, Mexico is now – and has been since its inception – a nation fearful of Yankee dominance. After losing Texas, California, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona to the United States plus being invaded, they certainly have a good cause for such concern.

There will be resistance, but the positive effects will outlast any and all of those against this sensible approach to what I consider to be the inevitable.

In the interest of brevity I have dumbed down my solution to a single initiative; there is so much more to my solution… any questions or requests for more detail, just send me a comment!

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