Authored by William Robert Barber

There was a time when humans were exclusively hunters of animals and gatherers of other living things. They hunted and ate what they killed. These humans were wholly and totally cognizant of their role as predator. Because life and living was upfront, in one’s face, and genuine, early on they recognized that their most lethal enemy was their fellowman. Over time the hunter-gatherer understood the baneful character and infinite resources of their most fearsome enemy. In the interest of protection they advantaged geography, built walls, created armed forces, and developed weapons; but in the end they learned that parity and defense alone was insufficient. Evidence proved that nothing less than corporal, intellectual, and technological dominance would guarantee their survival.

In the natural order of living things survival is dependent on killing and eating other living things. Often we moderns forget that with the exception of hunting, trapping, scavenging, and eating the victim piece-by-bloody-piece, the human animal is no different than its cousins of the wild. Because we purchase our food from the local grocery store prepackaged and manufactured does not mean we humans do not kill and slaughter for consumption. We humans, in many material ways, have not evolved so very far from our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Nevertheless, the modern mother, purchasing for her family, is not considered a hunter. Instead, her shopping is considered a civilized synthesis of the natural order; as such, I believe this fabrication or juxtapose of blood and guts has dulled and distorted reality. I think that this synthesis of the natural order has successfully inserted itself to a measurable degree into the mind set of a particular portion of Americans. As if influenced by some high-intensity software, a program of naivety with an automatic upgrade of exaggerated hopefulness has, for a certain portion of Americans, captured their sensibility and rendered it useless.

There is a sizeable segment of politicians, social and academic elites who live in a self-created world of ideologically inspired wistfulness. For the most part, their world is designed to withstand a perpetual siege; these elites insist on the veracity of their truth, they require adherence and reject defiance. They have developed a profound insistence, regardless of the consequences, on the righteousness of worldwide moral equanimity. They outright deny conflicting evidence. Their philosophy of convenience is founded on a platform of gullible defiance; their standard is a Machiavellian approach to persuasion wherein consensus of and by the people is not required.

The followers of this ideologically inspired wistfulness include this nation’s president and congressional leadership. Their beliefs have been documented by their behavior in both, domestic and foreign policies, legislation, and in many, many, speeches.

Obviously, the infectious virus of their ideologically inspired wistfulness has affected their hearing and sight. Insisting that their policies are working in the interest of their original design, they see no conflict to their opinion and hear no complaints — they are disabled. Lost within their ideology, they cannot find the cause, much less the means, to address their electorate’s anxiety of concern.

They are Democrats…

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