Authored by William Robert Barber

Finally, we conservatives can act. We can express our frustrations, even anger at and for the legislative direction this Obama inspired congress has vectored. The House of Representatives is firmly in republican hands; the leftist leading senate is quivering under the onslaught by tea party provoked conservative candidates. Pelosi and her Democratic leadership is on her way out of power as the political left gives way to the right.

Obama, in partisan campaign mode, professes that voters should smite their enemies and support their friends — note how easy it is for our president to abandon his professional role as president of all the people for his passion of and for some of the people! Obama is a hypocrite. He is a deceitful manipulator. As a politician of the political left, he espouses a 1960’s post-Vietnam era contempt for America. Obama and his crew of liberal progressive socialists must go back to the universities, think-tanks, and laboratories of advance studies… they must get-the-hell out of political power!

As important as it is for this elective cycle to rid itself of these progressives, it is equally important for us to increase the pressure on the Republicans. They must govern from the center-right; they must reduce the size of government, lower marginal taxes, spread the tax base to include all Americans, and limit the federal providence and scope of governing. At the same time, conservatives must ready themselves for the elections of 2012. The White House and senate must be of a conservative-to-political-center ideology.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and naturally I support Sharron Angle; she is going to win the seat and rid this nation of Harry. I had the opportunity to meet Sharron and her husband Ted over breakfast; they are fine people. Sharron will represent our conservative values; she will not compromise for the sake of some of what is needed.

Well, let’s grab our shield, sword, and lance, mount our steed, and VOTE…


Authored by William Robert Barber

There is only one rule in the game of politics: There are no rules. Witness the nonsense Obama has contrived, wherein the President of the United States, leader of the Free World, has accused the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of using foreign funds for U.S. campaign activities. The president – without naming the identity of the perpetrator – says to an audience of well-wishers: These fund raisers take money from overseas companies, “So,” Obama explains, “groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections, and they (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) won’t tell you where the money for the ads comes from.”

This diatribe, presented by President Obama and directed to the Republican Party, is utter nonsense! A series of complete lies, wholly untrue. Originated by a left-wing blog and taken up as if factual by the president is a living-breathing example of desperation. White House advisor David Axelrod is just as guilty in disseminating this baseless allegation. Obviously, for these two politicians there is no shame nor concern for breaching the law of dignified service. Both, Obama and Axelrod, as with most politicians, are only interested in winning the game… But in this particular, they must believe the electorate to be fools and imbeciles.

If this was the only breach of dignity and truthfulness; if Obama’s words of government transparency and bi-partisan persuasion matched the hand that he has played since his swearing in, these politically motivated void-of-truthfulness tactics might be less significant. The actual of his actions however have clearly demonstrated that the second coming of the light of the world is nothing more than another power motivated ideologue. A politician who, when measured by behavior, is much closer to Caesar than Moses. As evidenced by his most recent baseless lie, Obama will say and do whatever is needed to retain power.

We conservatives must prevail at this next election by a very large across the board majority…


Authored by William Robert Barber

November 22nd is nearing. The political parties are battling for positioning, the requirements of harvesting voters set aside prudence and truthfulness; all actions no matter how negative subordinates to victory. Candidates are persuading and the voters are advocating or deciding. Unions are nervous. And all the special interests are pitching their perspective. Contrivances dominate. The liberal progressives are begging for more time. The Republicans swear they have learned their lesson from the last period of governess.

None of the pundits believe the Tea Party influence will persevere — or I should say the pundits are hoping. Obama is talking, talking, and talking; Reid is scared. Pelosi is a cross of indignant and oblivious to populous sentiment. The Blue Dogs are striving to be a bit redder than their recent liberal vote’s evidence. The media is soaking up all the political advertising money and the average Joe is really pissed.

Naturally, I am pleased that the conservative viewpoint is at the forefront of electoral dialogue; but if, by the grace of God and a few Marines, the Republicans should capture the majority in the House of Representatives, I would like to see the present leadership regress into the Hinterland and fresh blood take on the reins of governorship. John Boehner had his chance to practice conservative governing; instead, he sided with the liberal doctrine of unlimited government, endorsed an unfunded Medicare with expenditures of over $449 billion, Medicaid as of 2008 at $351 billion. He voted for TARP and other such legislation, creating a policy result of spend, spend, and spend. That also should be the fate of Eric Cantor and all the other Rhinos that permitted the Bush administration to behave like liberal Democrats. An indicator of real change from the standard Republican appropriators like Jerry Lewis of California is whether Mr. Lewis will chair the House appropriations committee. He is senior. Now will Mr. “pork” be permitted to stand as chair?

The simplicity of truth-telling is still beyond the reach of congress’ leadership. No politician will directly address the dark and foreboding meaningfulness of pension fund obligations; the unsustainable federal and state entitlements, the fiscal deficit and its menacing probabilities, Fannie & Freddie still linger eating up billions of dollars as the housing crises continues to deteriorate. The nonelected-appointed are presently writing the consequences of the ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank legislation, tax law is in purgatory, all the while the business sector is contemplating instead of investing. And the liberal Democrats’ only response is “green energy” and” tax the rich”.

For years now I have been asking myself why these super-educated, lawyers, CPAs, educators, and community organizers – these elected representatives – why wouldn’t they sue their universities for fraudulent inducement? From my advantage point, I strongly feel that they should get their tuition money back; clearly, whatever education they received, did not prepare them for leadership. Hell – they can’t even follow! They can create legislation, tax and spend, and they sure work very hard spending millions of dollars to retain or attain office. Oh, they know how to dress nicely, say nothing in thousands of words or less, they are familiar with celebrities, know other important people — and they know how to dance.

Well, November is just around the bend… I am eager to witness change I can believe in!


Authored by William Robert Barber

For thousands of years, mankind has influenced, reconfigured, synthesized, shaped, molded, and redirected nature’s naturalness. The inventiveness of man has discovered – and more importantly, utilized – the energy of fire beyond the wildest imagination of the original discovers. The organizational skill of humankind has engineered monolithic pyramids and built the metropolis of today. Imagination and curiosity have provoked and inspired the process of thought into sophisticated philosophies; science has solved problems of perplexing dimensions. Civilization has advanced.

As a perfect example of the advancement of civilization, the founders of this nation state created and established a constitution to guide its constituents through the expected political, economic, and conflicting entanglements anticipated in the business of governing. Such a constitution was the empirical proof of mankind’s ability to compromise special interest particulars of the few for the concern of providing a greater good for the many. There is little wonder that numerous Homo sapiens living in the present would reason that government and governing is nothing less than another achievable challenge.

Therefore, leaders of a special persuasion have taken this challenge on in the belief that by organizing the operational scope and power of government to suit their ideological prospective, the beneficiaries (ostensibly the people) would, per pragmatic deduction, welcome the result regardless of the means.

Hence attestation emerged wherein the meaningfulness of the constitution could be translated and interpreted to suit an ideological prospective. That in keeping with assorted translations and interpretations of the constitution, leadership representing a particular ideology, would maneuver and manipulate the governing systems to configure and fit their purpose. Interestingly, these ideologues respective of their special interpretive all acted in the interest of the people; not one persuader suggested a motive of personal gain; not one acted to promote the improvement of the rich. All acted for the benefit of the common and poor.

While configuring the meaningfulness of the constitution along the ideals of their progressive agenda, Obama and his administration of progressives are imposing their ideological standard. Once again the published motivation is one of fairness for the common and the poor. They viciously point out the rich and the corporations as the villains of society. They note greed as the transgressor, positioning fairness of equity and the righteousness of their political-economic policies as the sublime counter alternative.

As if intoxicated braggers, for the Obama progressives, the sobriety of sensibility has been diluted by the toxicity of their leftist elixir. For these believers, capitalism is the culprit of preference, conservative ideals the enemy, and Machiavellian precepts a necessary tool of the moment. Their solution is wealth distribution via a hyper-progressive tax policy, tighter federal regulation, the abatement of fossil fuels in favor of green energy, preferring government subsidized entitlements to the American tradition of individual acceptance of responsibility for one’s livelihood, and in the finality the substitution of a republic for an oligarchy form of governing.

The policies of Obama are beyond challenging — they will not work. His ideals of fairness are incinerating harsh and bitter friction between the social, ethnic, and economic classes of Americans. His promises exceed his ability to implement. His ideals are best discussed in the closed-loop safety of a university; his allegiance to unions a betrayal of good sense. The ideals of Obama governess will not create a positive economic or political environment; they will only drain the treasury, siphon the patience of the American people, and weaken this nation.