Authored by William Robert Barber

Finally, we conservatives can act. We can express our frustrations, even anger at and for the legislative direction this Obama inspired congress has vectored. The House of Representatives is firmly in republican hands; the leftist leading senate is quivering under the onslaught by tea party provoked conservative candidates. Pelosi and her Democratic leadership is on her way out of power as the political left gives way to the right.

Obama, in partisan campaign mode, professes that voters should smite their enemies and support their friends — note how easy it is for our president to abandon his professional role as president of all the people for his passion of and for some of the people! Obama is a hypocrite. He is a deceitful manipulator. As a politician of the political left, he espouses a 1960’s post-Vietnam era contempt for America. Obama and his crew of liberal progressive socialists must go back to the universities, think-tanks, and laboratories of advance studies… they must get-the-hell out of political power!

As important as it is for this elective cycle to rid itself of these progressives, it is equally important for us to increase the pressure on the Republicans. They must govern from the center-right; they must reduce the size of government, lower marginal taxes, spread the tax base to include all Americans, and limit the federal providence and scope of governing. At the same time, conservatives must ready themselves for the elections of 2012. The White House and senate must be of a conservative-to-political-center ideology.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and naturally I support Sharron Angle; she is going to win the seat and rid this nation of Harry. I had the opportunity to meet Sharron and her husband Ted over breakfast; they are fine people. Sharron will represent our conservative values; she will not compromise for the sake of some of what is needed.

Well, let’s grab our shield, sword, and lance, mount our steed, and VOTE…

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