Authored by William Robert Barber

These tax and spend issues that bandy and propagate within political parties’ speeches are today’s most truthful expression of the differing political philosophies. The Democrats – and until just recently the Republicans – believe or have believed that government should be the grand dispenser of the people’s monies. Often, the justification (as a matter of tax-policy) for utilizing government as the harvester and dispenser of the citizens’ money from a Democratic perspective is centered on the Obama-endorsed belief in “fairness.” The Republicans’ excuse (contradictory to proclaimed political philosophy) for their involvement in expanding the size thus power of government has been a series of meaningless explanations. One such novelistic inventive has been some reference to heartfelt conservatism. I don’t know what that means and obviously there was some confusion amongst the Republicans; I think it meant “acting as Liberals” by establishing unfunded entitlements.

Taxing every aspect of American commerce, coupled with the free-wheeling imposition by governments (city, county, and state) of fees and licenses plus the encumbrance of federal individual income taxes has had the effect of stifling private enterprise, abating personal liberty, and challenging American’s traditional definitive understanding of freedom as understood in the Constitution of 1789.

A bi-product of enhanced taxation has been the monopolizing by government of all kinds of enterprise. For example the federal government has imposed by-law the mercantilist distribution of tobacco, alcohol, slot-machines, lottery tickets, a variety drugs, postal services, gasoline, and actually the list could easily fill this page. Conclusion: Enhance taxation has the collateral effect of enabling government incursion into an American’s personal life. Such taxation stands as an unfair competitor to private enterprise, and empowers government coerciveness explicitly as well as implied into the wholeness of American society.

The federalization of this nation’s constitution as expressed by a number of presidential administrations but recently exaggerated by the Obama Democrats unprecedented spending has damaged the check & balance system of American governess. Printing money for the purpose of disbursing such monies to favorites is not only nonproductive it is corruptively endangering the very essence of American sensibility.

Nevertheless, politicians still cling to the concept of more monies going to the federal, state, and city coffers the better. Well, since the Civil War that’s been done by both political parties. The effect being, at a minimum, that government consistently requires more money. In proportion to the government’s need for more is the citizen’s desire for more services, more government pathos for the needy, and certainly more in the form of ‘entitlements’. For the citizen the newly found idea is government dependence; for the government of the elected it is to feed these dependences while enhancing their political position. Indeed, the appetite for more ($$$) is insatiable the symbioses of requirement from one and dependence from the other has actually come down to the buying of elections.

Now if this insatiable need for more cash eliminated poverty, insured world peace, educated the ignorant, eliminated corruptive practice, corrected dysfunctional behavior, rid the communities of crime, fixed all the pot-holes, repaired the city’s infrastructure, etc. etc. then alright let’s raise the marginal tax rate and spend more money. But feeding government has done none of these “good-things.” It has however incurred unintentional liabilities such as the trillions of dollars borrowed from the Social Security Trust fund and the ever looming pension debt for government workers.

Now we are faced with a new majority in the House of Representatives and a Senate with more conservatives. Will we Americans pay the piper; end the nonsense and face the reality of our financial circumstance? Will we act in keeping with the traditional values of Americanism? Will the spirit of individualism face-down the collectives and their idea of American-style socialism? The pot has been put on to the fire soon we will know if it is brought to boil or allowed to cool.

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