1 12 2010

Authored by William Robert Barber

It seems to me that we listeners, readers, and viewers have cornered ourselves into societies of “peer consensus,” each of us seeking ideological satisfaction and validation of our predetermined mind set. According to the politically knowledgeable the camps of diverse perspectives are reference into three main groups, liberals, conservatives, and independents. The liberals and the conservatives fight, fret, and whine over their degree of success in persuading the independents to their particulars.

Of course, there are laws coupled with regulatory rules that govern the operational scope and specify the dos and don’ts of implementing political (voter) persuasion. But because this is a nation that enforces the laws of one man one vote. And has such, the objective of the persuaders is, (by means permissible, as well as, some extralegal efforts thrown in for human behavioral purposes) to fill their “back-benches” with voting supporters. This need to solicit voters prompts varied sorts of very expensive communicating methodologies. Now because we are a rich nation; a nation of global prominence and power America is thus proportionally advantaged and disadvantaged, depending on one’s tolerance for Machiavellian tactics, by a cadre of statutorily compliant nevertheless corruptive practitioners. I note that its America’s richness, prominence, and power that renders cause to and for statutorily compliant corruption because in poor, indistinctive, and weak countries the statutory laws are engineered, coveted, administrated, and controlled by the boss and designated henchmen. There is no requirement for statutorily compliant corruption; in these countries, corruption is so blatant it is lawful.

But back to America, in this nation of ours politicians and their surrogates have been allowed to promise (a promise is not lawfully binding) lie, distort, and mislead. The media labels this tough politics; politicians reinforce the media’s descriptive at every opportunity, I assume they do so because it is better to call this practice tough politics instead of dishonest. Nevertheless, the one man one vote lawful heritage enforces the facile antecedent reminiscent of 1st century Rome for politicians to buy votes with promises to a sector or class of citizens. Or for the truly inventive and slippery of character…they make special all-purpose promises to all.

Interestingly, irrespective of the ubiquitous persistence of factoids and the idiocy of conclusions remaining constant even when the original premises for which the conclusion was based have been empirically proven false. Respective of ideological groups and their selective as to what they prefer to hear, view, or read. The majority of electorates respective of ideological persuasion are no longer simply stamping approval on governmental edicts, spokespersons representing the government, or the elected representatives and their acolytes.

The stoically irresistible evidentiary of facts are now making up the context of voter empathy. As a standalone the smooth talking pretty people are no longer appealing. There has been a clear division now between one that can campaign and one that can govern. Of course caution is in the air. America is looking to leadership to traverse this nation thru the minefield and on to “green pastures.” We must limit the size and scope of government power, reduce tax, loosen the current government’s leach on business, sign all of the tabled trade agreements, meet our enemies forth rightfully and stand solidly with our allies. I guess that kind of policy forsakes the unionist, progressives, and no-opinion constituency.




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