Authored by William Robert Barber

Every day, informational sources validate a constant: That divisiveness is a commonality amongst humankind and that satisfaction is no more than a fleeting emotion. Amidst the divisiveness and fleeting satisfaction are the all too human temporal effects of pride, unfettered ego, and dishonesty. These effects are coupled to other human traits such as the waste of time, money, living things, and the preponderance of general bullshitski.

Thank goodness… those who know all things (die Hochstudierten) have singled out the problems, excogitated the issues of concern, and firmly placed the solutions before the populus. Interestingly, as if to reconfirm the palpable, it is predetermined by the recipients of these solutions that the presumptive of askance applies. In other words, even the process of defining the problems and offering the solutions is divisive.

Respective of – or maybe because of – our superior intelligence, we humans have firmly rejected the Tower of Babel concept as a doable possibility. We humans are so lustful in our divisive stubbornness that any effort to dissuade our predeterminations is often met with hostility. Empirical evidence that proves contrary to the presently held ideologically beliefs, mores, and affirmations of precedence will NOT prevail.

Nevertheless, the multimedia demands, or should I say points out (at every opportunity) that they represent the voting public, and the voting public demands that the Republicans get along with the Democrats. There’s a tone of caution expressed (by the media) to the GOP, noting that despite their 63 seat pick-up in the House of Representatives they should not consider such an elective victory a mandate; it is imperative, the multimedia strongly suggests, that Obama is met halfway. This of course is the same media that voted heart and soul for Obama; the very same media that overreached its role as a “free press” in reporting on the Obama campaign… hmm, they now have advice for the Republicans.

I think the idea or practice of congressional bipartisanism on material issues requires the intake of mind-altering drugs; Dr. Timothy Leary (LSD) would be the consultant and dispenser. Noting that for many of the liberal progressives and most of the media the effect of LSD is organic to their metabolism; therefore, requiring no synthetic Dr. Leary stimuli. Yes, I am making a funny…

But the point is that the contesting by the diametrically opposed is of greater advantage than the compromise of principles. The conflict of ideas should be limited to oral persuasion remembering that the object of the persuasion is to induce consensus. There is little need or believability of/for belief if it is not strongly held.

Politics require artfulness. Many observers of politicians and their politics may include caginess, deception, and craftiness as components of politics. Winning a contested election is the successful management of chaos. Kind of like a feeding frenzy amongst the brethren. Of course campaigning has nothing to do with governing but everything with promising. Governing, particularly for house members, has more to do with the retention of office than the interest of the nation — if the interest of the nation intersects with retaining office-super; but if not, then the retention of power is the value.

The preceding paragraph is the reality and power of personality. This force of personality has as much to do with governing as the statutory requirements thereof. It is not pretty. It is corrupt. It is far from perfect. It is the very best political system in the world; but it does not inherently necessitate bipartisanism.

If congress is to govern it must have a definitive economic model. As corollary political measures have economic consequences, no politician can legislate without engaging the opinions and advise of economist. Of course the economist engaged by the White House always seems to be aligned with the President’s ideological determination.

Politicians maybe charismatic, some are bullies, others sway easily to the beat of another’s drum. But economists have an entirely different persona; well, maybe façade is a better descriptive. By purposeful design, economist constitutes an illusion of pretentiousness; after all, they must present themselves as harbingers. They also have the advantage of an affable naissance; unlike politicians, just about the entire profession of quotable economists is distilled within the providences of academia.

It is an amusing mix, the politician with the economist; each searching for symbioses, but acknowledging their pins and needles reality. Usually, it is the politician’s ideological inclination that selects the economist whose duty requires numbers, words, and ambiguity to coincide with the politician’s design. If the economist is wrong, such as the recent declaration of 8% unemployment, the politician sidesteps to counter any responsibility.

Once again, divisiveness and fleeting satisfaction are the feckless continuum; to ask for bipartisanism amongst the elected is wistful, even counterintuitive to the interest of the nation.

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