Authored by William Robert Barber

They, them, and those, the ones that present themselves as wiser than the common, have suggested that the current general political discourse is vitriolic; in fact, they emphasize that the current caustic and scathing verbalization inherent within all political discourse is beyond recent memory. There is furtherance to their declaration: An elected representative of the progressive cause also stated that symbols, phrases, and even pictorials of a plausibly violent suggestive inspire acts of violence. Interestingly, the presumption that excessively vitriolic accusations or symbols, phrases, etc. are the cause of violent conduct is premised on absolutely nothing.

My conservative leaning mindset believes that these unsubstantiated affirmations offered by the “wiser than the common” are founded on a string of suppositions linked NOT to some evidentiary study by a peer-respected, non-aligned entity. But instead, to individuals with an inductively channeled, ideologically enhanced, resolute pre-condition; this pre-condition taints the deductive process and eliminates the normal functionality of empirical deduction.

For the Democratic-left to blame or even to suggest, imply, or declare that conservative talk radio, Fox News, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Partiers endorsed and promulgated, even unknowingly, violent acts are down-right stupid as well as morally offensive.

When measuring the most recent immediate bombastic-like behavior of liberal-progressives (over the shooting incident in Arizona) one would conclude that the lack of even conceivable evidence does not effectuate any regard or forbearance to the ‘lefties’ persistence on scurrilous oral discharge.

Possibly this nastiness for conservatives by the liberal progressives are prompted by their intrinsic cerebral sublimity. Could it be that secular righteousness blinds a progressive’s insightfulness? Maybe these progressives are suffering from a genetically derived infection that remains dormant unless catalyst into active by the oral incursion of some conservative pundit or talk show host? Of course there is the theory of omission, wherein, that the meaninglessness of progressive intellectualism automatically prohibits common reasoning.

Well, there I go getting all vitriolic…


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