23 03 2011

Authored by William Robert Barber

How long will the eagle fly? Despite its history of contrasting contradictions, many black sins, innocence as well as guilty damnation’s, America and its much-respected bountifulness is the envy of peoples throughout the world.

Since its establishment, this nation has successfully evolved and developed; the United States of America is the richest and most powerful nation on earth.

However since the Grant administration, by means deliberate, methodical, and stubborn, the federal government has functionally eroded state sovereignty and at every opportunity reinforced its coercive powers, all the while effectively abating individual freedom.

By the turn of the 19th century, liberal progressive madness was the call of the sane and admired; Teddy Roosevelt (a progressive himself) insured Woodrow Wilson’s presidential success by splitting the vote with a third-party bid. In 1913 an amendment to the constitution forever reconfigured the heretofore-definitive meaning of individual freedom and liberty. The federal government’s power to tax its individual citizens and distribute said tax revenue along the lines of an ideological agenda (usually with prejudice in favor of the particular political party in power) at its sole discretion, has severely and permanently altered the original intent and spirit of the founding principles of this nation’s two most precious documents.

Congress, as if endowed with magical insightfulness, particularly since the era of FDR, has acted with willful irreverence and indiscretion as to the established precedence of constitutional limits on the scope and power of the central government. These “new deal Democrats” superseded their authority and dismissed by uncomplicated disregard the meaningfulness of the constitution. As if in concert with the expansionist, behavior of the federal government the Supreme Court validated the concept of a broad interpretation of the commerce clause and in so doing endorsed the belief that the federal government have an omnipotent supremacy over member states and its citizens; this action must be reversed.

Since the election of Obama and the sweeping 2008 victory of the liberal progressives, this nation decidedly made an oblique turn to the political left. The Democrats thought that such an election was the final hoorah; clean sweeps of all branches of government an overwhelming majority, now, surely now, for sure, a liberal progressive agenda can be implemented.

Americans responded in the election of 2010 by voting conservatives into the House of Representatives. A shocking surprise to the Obama leadership and their followers; the political movement to the right was helpful but it was far from the victory required. Indeed, only by capturing a super-majority in all three branches can America be righted from its progressive tilt left.

So let’s metaphorically melt the plowshares into swords, sharpen our wits, and strengthen our spirit with the moral righteousness of our endeavor and capture a supermajority in the Senate whiles holding on to our advantage in the House of Representatives!




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