Authored by William Robert Barber

The contesting for political power is older than government itself; for thousands of years onto the present contestants have utilized physical force, dexterous manipulation, pecuniary leverage, and the subtleness of covert tactics to win over their competitor.

However, in America, there is an addition to the traditional option of standard power-seeking weaponry. There is a bustling industry of Internet delivered technology. This technology supports a drama-driven main stream-media that reports the news with an inclination that mimics predetermined principles; the same media seem to take special pride in their ability to stable copious opinion-makers while flaunting the perspectives of numerous political pundits. Indeed, the amount of politically specific information broadcast or printed is voluminous; this information is disseminated in a form integrated, interloped, and convoluted to such disingenuousness that the truth of any particular is so opaque it sums into the indiscernible.

Now when the voter couples the indiscernible with the politician’s rhetorical sleight-of-hand, definitive truthfulness, is displaced with ambiguity; creating befuddlement; at that moment, the steadfast constant of an impenetrable Byzantine structured bureaucracy impedes clarification and clarity. This is the identical bureaucracy that platform the workings of a monstrous federal government with its thousands of rules, regulations, and surreptitious procedures. For the voter, confusion and befuddlement follows; politicians and their bedfellow bureaucrats embrace the indiscernible and camouflage the displacement of truthfulness. The elected and appointed then masquerade the truth of the particular with misdirection; they costume their deception with pretty faces and promising words.

Fast forwarding to the present all-important 2012 elections; the electoral contest is, for the conservatives, the idea of fostering a limited, regulation-less, healthcare mandate free, less intrusive federal government that favors individualism, personal liberty and freedom (which includes the freedom to risk and loose without the assurance of a government bail-out or subsidy). For the liberal progressives, an election victory will sanction the idea of an ever-increasing in size and operational scope of an Obama lead federal government. A 2012 election victory will eventually mean a progressive reinterpretation of the constitution, a government managed by regulators, the codification of wealth redistribution, and the legislative induction of a comprehensive Europeanization of American society.

Politics is as much about gamesmanship as it is of prudent substantive issues and measures. Remembering, at least 40% of American citizens pay no federal income taxes, many on federal/state assistance will vote for its continuance, unionists will vote Democratic, the majority of black Americans will vote for Obama, a healthy percentage of browns will follow suit, white liberal progressives, the youthful, and the naïve are attracted to the sublimity of utopian ideals. The main-stream media just loves the liberal progressive ideals.

Conservatives must harness their collective resources, unite, influence, and fight hard to win this 2012 election. Every American value and principal is at risk…noting that considering the stakes pretty faces and promising words are and insult to reason.

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