Authored by William Robert Barber

I do believe a measurable certain of liberal-progressive politicians, economist, ideologues, bureaucratic wonks, inclusive of that ever contrarian ten percent, and those that habituate the mind-set of the never rational, creatively naïve, super-liberal, apparatchik segment of the eligible to vote, not only miss the targeted concerns of conservative contemplation; I believe their inductive line for seeking comprehension of conservative thought aimlessly misses the renowned side of the barn.

How is one to understand the meaningfulness of an opposing point of view if prospective contemplation is impossible? I would find it difficult to suppose that President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Read, or any of the other liberal progressives that dominate the Democratic Party is acting out their political beliefs for any other reason than their ideals. Ideals that, when implemented, will induce policies so to create their idea of a better America. Factually, it is this pure determination of belief that makes liberal progressives so very dangerous to the conservative methodology of governing.

I suppose that when surveying the motivation of liberal progressives there is another angle of analysis. Could it simply be that these politicians are gamming the system? That they are acting out their wherewithal in the interest of self; even at the detriment to the nation, its people, and the constitution?

I do believe the liberal progressives actually believe in their boneheaded political ideals; interestingly, to reveal the depth of the irreconcilable divide between these highly competitive ideological beliefs, boneheaded is the exactness of how a liberal progressive would respond to the ideals of a conservative. Well, the progressives would run through their inventory of scurrilous accusations first emphasizing conservative alignment with the wealthy to the disadvantage of the middle class. Then they could either select boneheaded or some synonym of equal descriptive.

Withstanding the liberals’ quixotic adherents to progressive doctrine and a conservative’s adamant disagreement with such; one of the veracious reasons for the common or lay progressive’s misunderstanding of conservative thought is premised on a progressive’s belief that conservative policies represent the interest of greedy corporate mongers. These mongers represent a wealthy class whose sole and determined design is profit at all cost. Now clearly, noting that all or most of the leadership of the progressive political movements are multimillionaires, the leadership of the political left and liberal progressive ideology knows that such generalities are void of evidence. But such misdirection of truth, founded on propaganda, generates predeterminations amongst the peoples that have no validity. Nevertheless, at every opportunity that is the distinction progressive politicians and their handlers enthusiastically describe to their voting base.

A recent example is suggesting that only the Republicans approve of “big-oil companies” receiving tax incentives; such suggestions are not only simply untrue; from a prospective of equal measure no mention is made of subsidies to “green energy” companies who pay no corporate taxes whatsoever.

Such factoids of liberal progressive action of slanting the truth for political purpose stimulates a demagoguery enriched bias (against conservative ideals) that has no basis of evidence. The result is a determined evasion of truthfulness. This irresponsible manipulation of facts is engineered (by the ideologues) to decouple any pathos, possibly even interest, for conservative political perspectives.

Historical documentation will evidence that evil doings, evil doers, and evil purposefulness has no persistent-definable ideological or governmental genealogical particular. In other words, all political persuasions, societies, cultures, governments, organizations, public or private corporations, religions, and persons could bear the perchance for evilness. One does not need to be a corporate entity to act out evilness; Catholic priest have practiced evil. So have politicians of every political-ideological interpretive.

It is the policies that create the evil, as well as, the stupid. Policies are formed and derived in large part by a particular political-economic-social ideology.

Obama’s most recent portentous foreign policy pronouncement regarding Israel, suggesting that Israel our only ally in the Middle East, retrograde back to the 1967 borders is an example of his ideology of naiveté nearing childlike silliness. It is an absurdity to believe that the Palestinians, after having chosen Hamas, therefore choosing the ‘Hamas doctrine’ for the destruction of Israel verses a peaceful accommodation, would even accept, if given the 1967 border, Israel’s right to exist. Only a silly, naïve, liberal progressive contrarian, would even place those words inside of a speech to the world-at-large.

This recently delivered foreign policy pronouncement, his original pronouncement in Egypt; his leading from the rear strategy in Libya; along with his philosopher-king methodology of governing, all compliment and support his ideological beliefs and inclinations that only via the unlimited coercion of government can the progressive brand of Obama’s sense of fairness settle into the law-of-the-land.

This guy has got to go…

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