2 06 2011

Authored by William Robert Barber

Once upon a time, long, long, ago… I believed that there were those predestined by means inherent to their academic achievements and specific experience to know material matters such as the strategic right from the wrong when the nation is in a crisis. These very same individuals, committees, or derivatives of governmental institutions (state department, CIA, other councils of the heretofore respected) would intrinsically know the better from the worse. I thought that these few, those that knew more than the many, were different than the common and that their educational differing sublimely inclined them to be leaders.

Their ideas and concepts have been published in the most prestigious of magazines and newspapers. They have served as advisors to presidents, prime ministers, and the like; I was persuaded by such and interpreted the fact of publication as evidence of worthiness. I surmised that these are the ones that know the most, that these are the wizards of Main as well as Wall Street. I truly thought that they were the cognizant, the all knowing. After all, these few had distinctive titles; titles that by simple pronunciation automated respect. They lived in eloquent houses, were members of private clubs, and drove fancy cars. Because they graduated from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or the similar I thought they had to have knowledge; and I thought that because they had knowledge they could apply such in a superior style.

Well, I was stone cold wrong. Implementation of concepts, ideas, plans, or design is not necessarily the sequential result of academic achievement.

A significant portion of our congressional representatives are attorneys. These persons, for the most part, marched up the system of public employment and learned the trade of politics. They learned to say one thing and do another. They learned that the most important item of attention is the symbiosis of raising money and winning reelection. They also learned how to game the system to service their best interest.

Imagine: These elected officials, the appointed, and their non-elected staff (these graduates of Harvard, these attorneys, these academic achievers) have enabled and created a perverse process that has enhanced entitlements to the point of bankruptcy. These incompetents, these unprincipled ignoramuses have devised and developed a scheme that is robbing the average doer in America of their financial surety.

So now these very same are debating the ‘how’ part of raising the national debt, knowing that these esteemed (mostly) democratic members of congress were more about a wink and a nod than prudently addressing the debt limit. Actually, Democrats are mostly interested in raising taxes. The conservative solution of cutting spending was really never a consideration for the Obama segment of congress.

I am forced by evidence provided to once again acknowledge that government is by its very nature corrupt. Incompetence is a statutorily compliant form of governmental corruption. Of course so is distorting the truthfulness of an issue for the sole purpose of winning an election. But even through this counter-to-sensibility behavioral transgressions are detrimental to the nation’s interest, they are accepted as part of the political norm.

Interestingly, it is the legislative and judicial process that is near impossible to beat. The elected have secured a solid lead on us citizens. If conservatives do not win majority in the Senate and Obama wins the next election, progressives will have won an overwhelming victory.

I believe the republican presidential nominee must run on creating the governmental ambiance for employment, restoring fiscal discipline, and a strong dollar, pulling the majority of our troops out of the present war zones, returning educational responsibilities to the states, and redressing our federal health and social services safety net.

Certainly, we all must understand by now that attorneys and graduates of Harvard and Yale have not done their jobs…




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