2 07 2011

Authored by William Robert Barber

Political principles reflect and respond to the particulars of the economic system; the political structure is wholly dependent on the general conceptual and specific realities of the economic system employed. Government is a means to protect voice, organize, and render the necessary surety of compliance to lawfulness. Certainly, the political issues, events, and times of Patrick Henry and George III in every economic, societal, and cultural respect is different then the identical proportional of Barrack Obama and George Soros. The mercantile system of monopolizing goods and services verses the laissez-fare on steroids reality of today’s global business has effectually changed all measurable financial/economic dynamics.

But there are two indispensable economic dynamics that has not changed: The consequential dynamic of private enterprise and the entrepreneurial behavior of risk taking. It is impossible for liberty and individual freedom to thrive much less survive without these two indispensable economic dynamics. Those societies that have moved from these economic dynamics toward socialism have done so by depriving persons of the right to be personally responsible for their financial as well as personal being. Instead of looking inwardly to solve problems the people have been programmed to look outwardly-to government. Imagine, in this country of ours, roughly, 45% of the working populous pay no personal income tax. Now if one pays nothing at all in federal income tax why would one care to vote? The nature of our progressive tax system has disengaged the citizen from concerns over the most important act a citizen could perform. And how do our liberal progressive super rich politicians respond to this, in effect, disenfranchisement for an obligation of citizenry? Well by demagoguery, by mimicking the class warfare of Lenin.

Often I have read, heard from institutional origins, and sources private, that this nation’s economic strength is anemic, feeble, and pathetically fragile. This appraisal of economic wherewithal is founded on the comparative utility of present statistics to past economic performance. Therein indicators of current financial regress is highlighted. Certain data such as home construction and sales, delinquent mortgages, bank repossessions, and home abandonment is considered critical indicators of economic status. The most critical, volatile, and political of data gathered is the unemployment percentage. This statistic is seemingly the most prominent of concerns; the government tells us the percentage is 9.1% of the eligible to work. I have heard that 9.1% translates in 14 million citizens that cannot find a job.

Many on the political left believe the fault of our recent recession rest with private enterprise and the solution is always more regulation and Keynesian economics. Conservative economics points to less regulation and getting the government out of the economic management of private business. Because of the differing economic ideology and most significantly how success is measured. There will never be a satisfactory compromise; one must dominate the other.

Republicans and Democrats voted for the stimulus of Bush and Obama; both political parties panicked and voted in TARP. They both voted in Sarbanes/Oxley, the Dodd/Frank legislation, on and on such ridiculous responses to self-created problems simply help build the next issue of concern. Too big to fail was the most recent excuse to print money and dispense; remembering fiat monies for the longest of time has had the full faith and value of the United States not gold. Since the Federal Reserve is an unaudited concern supposedly free of political influence, by or from, the value of the monies printed is mostly rated against inflation. The amount of interest our government pays to our debt holders which include foreign but most importantly domestic sources are dismissed as a someday challenge.

Since 1900 federal, state, and city governments have been overtly and covertly interceding, interjecting, and interfering in the heretofore rights of private enterprise; and as a consequence, abating the individual rights of its citizens. This constant incursion into private enterprise is eroding the two indispensable dynamics so essential for our republic. If this country is to retake its place in the world, for the benefit of everyone in the world, America must eliminate the agenda of liberal progressivism to capture and ostracize capitalism in favor of a European styled socialism.




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