Authored by William Robert Barber

I do wish that I could express myself without seeming so accusatory or self-righteous when speaking of liberal progressives and their beliefs. But despite my aspiration to speak with temperance even respect my partiality and outright disdain for these progressive beliefs overwhelm all such sensibility. As a consequence I am stirring and enflaming instead of attempting to understand or explain-very insensible.

After all knowing that tolerance is a mainstay of societal interface I cannot claim ignorance. I understand that if one is not open to discussion and civil debate one has forsaken the principles engrained within a democratically inspired republic. Nevertheless, I cannot, so it seems, refrain from aggressively voicing my disagreements with the policies and ideology of liberal progressivism.

Of course, examples of leftist who espouse progressive vituperation of, about, and for persons’ of conservative ideology is plenteous. Regardless, of their scurrilous behavior toward conservatives I realize that I should not justify or act in a like or tit for tat manner.

Yes, ok, I should not. But here, with the helpful guidance of Peter Berkowitz of Stanford’s Hoover Institution are a few reasons why I have developed a serious attitude of intolerance for the ideology of liberal progressivism: -Progressives see themselves as the only legitimate representative of ordinary people-they believe that perfection can be attained through the rule of experts and that diversity of opinion distracts from the policies demanded by impartial reason-democratic pretensions and the pretensions of non-authoritarianism create a transparent conflict that hamper the implementation of their political philosophy-

True believers of progressivism must reside in an Apocryphal bubble. They can only flourish in academic vacuums wherein scholarly apparatchik’s can ponder over concepts, possibilities, and quixotic wish-it-was-so. But in the world of behaviorally dysfunctional humankind power is the weapon of choice not rationality, reason, or sensibility. Indeed if one is not the most powerful compromise of sovereignty is the only alternative to destruction.

President Obama preaches that he and his political brethren is the Vox populi; that the Democratic Party is the party for the quotidian. Hum…all I behold from this progressive administration is depredations not just to this nation’s economy but to our sense of American exceptionalism, to our belief that individualism is righteous and simply put collectivism is sinful; this is the contaminating result of Obama’s progressively inspired presidency.

I suppose I have revalidated (for myself) the why fore of my utter lack of tolerance for progressive thought and policy. 2012 will be a seminal election; this election will determine the trajectory of this government of ours. If Obama wins…damn I got to get such negative thoughts out of my head.

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