“IF YOU WANT PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR.” Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Roman General

Authored by William Robert Barber

For thousands of years cultures have been established and demolished by the stronger exerting supremacy over the weaker. Since the discovery of fire dominance was the instrument of the stronger and submission the only alternative to death. History has confirmed that no defense respective of its robust and sturdy counter-measures could withstand an intensely zealous and committed offensive. Hadrian’s Wall did not stop the demise of Rome by barbarians.

Over and over again overwhelming military might has, either used as a threat or overtly deployed, deferred or stopped offending military aggression. When this nation state avoided directly confronting an enemy with overwhelming force; when unconditional surrender was not the goal; the nation not only lost in blood and treasure but as in North Korea, Lebanon, Iran, China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the former Soviet Union all we accomplished for all the loss of blood, and treasure was to positioned ourselves to deal with the threat again.

This nation cannot tinker with even the conceptual idea of pinching pennies for our defensive systems; we cannot entertain a less lethal military. If money is to be wasted, (and I do not advocate wasting taxpayer funds) let us waste it on this sector not social programs.

I truly believe our US Treasuries are valued because of our military strength. Yes, we do have the world’s largest economy. We do harbor the greatest consumer nation that has ever existed. But the surety for all of these tangibles are secured by our armed forces.

The only difference between the past, and the present is weaponry. It certainly is not that there is less violence; or that violence is not the tactic of choice when resolving a dispute. Clearly, this nation is at war. There are many, not a few, peoples on this earth who would just as soon see us disabled and or outright destroyed. There are persons, and not one or two, who would purposefully kill themselves just to kill us.

Armaments such as biological, chemical, nuclear, and radiation bombs exist, there are deliverable; and surely, there are fanatics who actually believe that causing such mass extermination would send them to heaven. In this arena, the fight in this ring does not allow us to take a few jabs while we are negotiating the peaceful settlement of our differences. This confrontation is not about tolerance or understanding. It is about never allowing these crazes an opportunity to even think about acting against this nation.

We need a serious realignment of our foreign policy priorities; as an example, it is simply unimportant if there are peoples in the world that do not like us. Begging the world to like us is not a policy; it is juvenile, silly, and particularly dumb behavior. We do not owe our non-American enemies US Constitutional rights and closing Guantanamo will not abate the recruitment of Moslems who are hell-bent on killing us.

The a priori of morality is founded on self-preservation. It is wholly illogical for a nation state not to consider sovereign surety as anything other than its first right of uncompromising absolute. The establishment and implementation of institutionally accepted righteous moral principles is the policy goal of democratic- republics; but not at the cost of national preservation. In other words, when threatened strike first, hard, and do not release until submission is acknowledged.

Leadership assumes paterfamilias; such is the responsibility of leading. To lead is to accept the responsibility for the preservation of not just the state and its peoples but the culture and its societal significance. Without a military that is capable of delivery overwhelming force America will be disabled and in time will not be able to defend its people against today’s much less tomorrow’s enemies.

We must not defund our military budget…

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