Authored by William Robert Barber

Every negative reference to Bain Capital’s business decisions and the financial results thereof is counter-intuitive to the electoral effort of replacing President Obama. These scurrilous accusations are pro vexing, baseless of fact, and at its core blatantly disingenuous. As explained by the Gingrich faithful the charges enunciated by Gingrich and his PAC was media placed to belittle Romney’s claim that he has proven business scruples and to specifically denounce Romney’s claim that his venture capital company created jobs. Instead, all I think that Gingrich exampled was an emotionally driven man that has difficulties matching up the Newt Gingrich he wish he was with the Newt Gingrich his record validates.

Gingrich claims his record is categorical. His achievements unambiguous; he created, under the administrations of Regan and Clinton millions of jobs. I want Gingrich and all the other politicians who make such claims that government does not create even one private sector job much less millions. There is a plethora of evidence that government: Vis-à-vis regulations, bureaucratic mambo-jambo, cronyism, and the insistence of implanting an administrative process that is arcade often ridiculous, certainly arbitrary, and specifically designed for the politically aligned, and the empowered, do displace private sector jobs and opportunities.

I do believe that Gingrich is a conservative. But not an uncompromising conservative; he was not as Speaker of the House of Representative uncompromising and as a private entrepreneur he compromised his conservative ideals to service client needs so to put a buck or two into his pocket. Ronald Regan is discerned by most current conservatives as the ideal example of a conservative. This same politician granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, raised taxes, and championed the progressive tax system. Ronald Regan was a conservative compared to Jimmy Carter; Gingrich and Romney are conservative compared to Barrack Obama. I am not suggesting that Regan, Gingrich, or Romney acted with duplicitous intent or are extraordinarily hypocritical, or purposefully deceitful. Politicians, when vying for power, as illustrated by all of these attack ads, are carnivorous. They will eat their own.

Our present legislative process of governing is more than simply ambiguous and confounding it is as with our tax system impossible for the average layperson to comprehend. If we accept the previous sentence as truthful. If all our presidential candidates bear the identical traits of embracing hyperbole, willfully committing falsities, outright lies and disinformation under the banner of standard campaign hard-knuckles politics what is believable?

All Gingrich has done is manufacture kindle for the Obama general election and the liberal progressive propaganda machine. Sadly, this professional politician who, while in private practice compromised his conservative ideals to make a buck, has turned his run for the presidency into an Obama affiliate.

Prior to his recent actions I actually had respect for the man…

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