Authored by William Robert Barber

Can conservative ideology, by means measurable, (an election) successfully challenge the ideas of the liberal progressive philosophy? In other words, is conservative political ideology able, founded solely on the merits of its principles, to persuade its way into voter acceptance? Noting that the voter must withstand and decipher the bellows and illusions cast by a candidate’s rhetorical eloquence, personal charm, and charismatic presence. Is it reasonably possible for a voter inclusive of the plethora of scurrilous accusations and the often voluminous proliferation of meaningless misdirection offered by the opposition able to acknowledge with gravitas the meaningfulness of conservative ideology? Is it achievable for a citizen to put aside the subjective-superfluous in favor of the objective-substantive?

Further, while on the pathway to impassive contemplation, one wherein the basis of deduction is factually driven, can the voter disregard the instinctual sway of a predetermined mindset? Is it credible to believe that considering the weight of peer and family pressure, as well as, traditional beliefs that a citizen could cast a vote on the basis of sustentative evidence even if that evidence was the contrary of their ingrained inspiration?

Respective of intellect’s two remarkable derivatives, curiosity and imagination, conversion from either a conservative or liberal ideology to the other is atypical. For the human psyche to willingly facilitate a dramatic adaptation or revision of an heretofore intrinsic political ideology is almost as likely as Nancy Pelosi becoming a Republican; historicity has verified that the resilience of a preformed opinion is stubbornly unyielding.

But then facts, good sense, prudence, and palpable evidence to the contrary of a closely held belief have the power to convert the most ardent liberal progressive to finally see the way and the truth. Well, there is the requirement of the conservative persuader to demonstrate a cogent explanation; noting that, all such explanations requires in the first cause, a cognitive, rational, and reasonable recipient.    

This next election will answer many of the questions presented. Will the populous vote for a government of ever-increasing largeness or one of limited size hence minimal federal power. Are the voters going to validate an entitlement society or rescind. Are we to be taxed more or taxed less. Is America’s martial reach to be enhanced or abated?

Will liberal progressivism replace all effectual vestiges of the conservative movement? Will the socialist be reelected?

All I seem to have are questions…

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