Authored by William Robert Barber

Absurd means ridiculous, bizarre, even illogical and unreasonable; by adding a suffix to this word, such as an ity or ness, the adverb absurd, is now a noun, the meaningful change being a grammatical differing and the phonetics of pronunciation. In other words, aside from applying the proper of the two words in the correct application there really is little difference between absurd and absurdity.

Now to metaphorically compare the infinitesimal difference between absurd and absurdity to Gingrich and Romney I consider their disparity of prospective of equal difference. If the Republicans set Ron Paul’s governing thoughts and policies aside there is not much space of difference between the other three candidates. Agreed that one could make the argument that one is more of this and less of that, certainly Gingrich’s personal and professional baggage stand out.  I would assume the result of a lifetime in politics and broken marriages has the potential to create chaos, mistakes, and regrets. Nevertheless, withstanding his public purge of sinfulness and actions that were just plain stupid, one understands the why fore of his disinclination for further confessions or admissions of palpable wrongfulness. After all his political rival of the present, the one possibly waiting in the future, and the media’s insatiable appetite for more Gingrich flagellation are an effective deterrents to further discloser. Gingrich’s problem is that a great deal of his political and private life is documented. And as we all realize, over time, change of mind, even heart, often leads to change of ideals and ideas. To error or change an opinion seems perfectly human; of course if Gingrich seeks understanding for such he should not charge Romney as a deceitful liar because he has done the very same.

The attack on Bain Capital was classic stupid and a perfect example of Gingrich’s pliable rhetoric costumed to fit an ill conceived result. Accusing Romney of religious intolerance because he vetoed a bill, that was in its finality overturned, to have taxpayers finance kosher kitchens are another instance of a politician denigrating one’s stature. His campaign manager(s) must think the Jewish peoples of Florida are particularly dumb.    

Romney governed a liberal State one does wonder how, running as a Republican, he ever got elected. I do think that a governor has that chief executive experience and the combining of such with private enterprise is a solid resume for any presidential candidate. However, I am not please with the way his campaign conducted the Iowa and New Hampshire primary; gong after Gingrich with such personal lustful vindictiveness simply created, to the public’s dismay and Obama’s reelection committee’s delight, a vengeful Gingrich. Armed with disrespect and distortion Romney attacked Gingrich’s record as Speaker of the House; purposefully, with malice of forethought, Romney maligned Gingrich’s many political accomplishments. These tactics are in the least disconcerting to the faithful as well as independent voters. Although I am not sure if this type of campaign strategy should be blamed upon the electorate or the politician such behavior is ignoble and effective.

Obama and his loyalist are a formable force; if he can split the Republican effort to unseat him he wins. The way the Republicans are projecting their vitriol for their own upon the nation’s viewers, listeners, and readers the closer they are getting to the descriptive absurd and absurdity.  


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