Authored by William Robert Barber

The all-encompassing unabashed role of congress is as a harvester of resources.

For congress harvesting resources for its coffer is a relentless continuum. The competitor Maximus to congress’ primary function of taxation is congress’ extraordinary ability to spend not only today’s taxpayer funds but also the taxpayer’s fund of many, many, tomorrows. Congress is a spendthrift of prodigal dimension. To exemplify, if congress sequestered one full year of this country’s GNP to pay the nation’s fiscal deficit the nation would still be in the red.

Admittedly, the state dispenses portions of the harvested funds back to the original source of taxation although at its discretion in sum and time. This remittance of original funds are distributed with prejudice and at a substantial discount. After all the state righteously declares it cost money to take from those that have and by the masterminds encapsulated within congressional committees dispense to those that need. And interestingly respective of such irrational behavior, no matter the fiscal consequences, nothing will change. Constructive change within congress is virtually impossible because term limits will never happen and the arcane almost Byzantine-like nature of the legislative process congress is not capable of rational, prudent behavior.

The State is the purest example of coercive force; it employs force to take from those that produce. The government has unmitigated influence and prestige within the offices of the Justice Department, Homeland Security, The Treasury Department, and the office of the presidency any Roman emperor or Charlemagne himself would be impressed.

For instance: The madness of having Obama and clan scurrilously attack private enterprises while taking their tax money, money that would not be paid (as taxes) if there were no profits, is demagogy at it most hypocritical worse. But notice the traction within the political spin game and now of course millionaires and billionaires are not paying their fare share. The Obama declaration is nonsensical but an excellent political misdirection, a great sound bite with great effectiveness in an election year. The Republican presidential candidates response to all of this is to personally attack each other over one stupid insinuation after another.

The government of the United States, as with all nation states, is a symbiotic enterprise founded on the premise that only the state can instill cohesive wherewithal. This is particularly true in times of emergency such as war, natural disaster, and criminal activity. The government is also considered the best means to represent the interest of the people wherein the founding belief is one of law not of men.

It is the state that feeds off of those that produce furthermore the state is never satisfied as to the number of resources it consumes. Its appetite for more is insatiable. Well what happens if those that produce don’t? Or produce somewhere other than the United States? The marketplace is global.

I once thought that the Tea Party movement would reinvigorate the congress but instead it splintered its effectiveness on the core issue of fiscal sanity and lost itself in the hedge groves and hinterland of gay marriage, evangelicalism, and infighting over whom were more conservative.

As Americans we can no longer measure the tenacity and core ethos of our citizenry as one premised on existential virtue; we have traded in that American for one wherein the latitude of individual liberty and freedom is limited to the dictates and mandates of government. Importantly about fifty percent of Americans are just fine with that new American.

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