Authored by William Robert Barber

There is no fair. Not in love, war, politics, business, or life. The idea of fair is at best an illusion, a canard, a figment of the imaginative, a chimera created to misdirect and thereby eliminate or at least limit the normative prudence of deduction. There is however the idea or ideal of fair. But in fact the concept of fair is solely a utility of persuasion. In its finality fair is the unilateral prerogative of the victor.

At worst, fair is a shiny token to assuage the effectual of reality. The rhetorical use of fair as a standard of lawfulness or cultural enhancement is most appealing within the context of theoretical deliverance. In practice, fair is always, imposed by those possessing the power to do so upon those lacking the power to deflect such an imposition. Although certainly not exclusively, but today, for the Obama administration, fair is the contrivance of politically motivated liberal progressives to advantage the reins of the federal government so to impose their mostly economic agenda. Within the wherewithal of Obama’s intellectualism the idea of what is fair does not require logical reasoning, the applicability of good sense principals, or even the ingenuity of American practicality all that is required is to turn those that have less against those that have more.

Obama and his progressives seek to gain a consensus founded on the basis of a convoluted appeal to the righteousness of their economic-social-justice while striving to persuade voters by sentiment instead of logic. The successful acceptance of such a basis automates, for the believers, a synthesis of reality, a synthesis free of proof or evidence, one that creates a societal perception of just and reasonable. This sense of fair is in fact put in place by deceivers and fraudsters as a means to a political end. The Obama progressives are initiating a rhetorical sleight of the hand purposed to enable the economics of socialism, the politics of statism, enhance the size, scope, and coercive means of government, and to deprive individual liberties in favor of the collective good.

As government grows in means, prominence, dependency and relevance to day-to-day activities there is a direct and proportional abating effect upon individual liberty and freedom. It seems as if with every new congress regardless of political persuasion individual liberty, and freedom is diminished.

President Obama is presently directly appealing to those that have less, the unions, and all those that are dependent on government funds to vote against the powerful lobbyist, millionaires, billionaires, oil companies, CEOs of major corporations, and those other Republicans whose political-economic-social justice inclinations are contrary to his self-appointed constituency, the common and downtrodden. The president’s chance for reelection is good and the idea of taxing those that meet Obama’s idea of affordability is resonating. Of course his tactics for winning the election does not even level to his definitive of fair but then he is not a believer in his own words. He knows better than that. He is simply another charlatan selling what he cannot deliver because what he is selling does not exist.

If the forty-five percent or more of Americans who pay no federal income tax can be persuaded that it is in the best interest of country and their person to vote for Obama then Obama wins. The country, along with those that have more, will lose; the country loses because the economic political ideal of liberal progressivism, just look at Europe, will not work.

As with the Wizard of Oz Obama elected or not will be proven dead-wrong; but if this president is reelected the country is on to the road of impairment and dysfunction. Nothing fair about that…

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