Authored by William Robert Barber

There are many pieces that make up the American pie of governess. Relative to the timeliness or perceived urgency of a specific issue and popular concern some of these pieces of the pie diminishes in influence as often as they grow.  For the many the residues of their ever-present effectiveness varies to the dismissing approximate. Others, one in particular, have an everlasting effectual. Such is the case with the specific special interest of unions.

A gangster is a member of a criminal gang. So if that is so, how could unions be gangsters by another name? Hmm…possibly I have created the fragment of a conundrum! But to demystify, I say unions are made into real world gangsters by the twist and turn of statutorily compliant corruption. Such is the wherewithal of the sophisticated gangster. Today it is the unionist bon vivant who lobbies congressional friends of union labor to act in their special interest.     

Effectively, these gangsters or union officials persuade, influence, or maybe payoff is the better descriptive, the politicians with cash and votes. The politician promises compliance to union terms and conditions and acts on promises made.  The union objective is to load up the legislature, the county governing authority, or the city council with ‘their representatives.’

Does such union facilitating of the apparatuses of governing sound a bit shocking? Well, it should not. Given the opportunity every special interest would seek dominance over their real or perceived competitor of product, service, or idea.  Throughout the history of American governess multiple examples of special interest entities especially gaining from their efforts to influence politicians are self-evident.

The difference is the union special interest is empowered by law. No other special interest comes even close to the statutory empowered accommodations afforded to unions. Imagine any other special interest enacting into law the equivalent of the Wagner Act, known as the National Labor Relations Act. This law enabled the unionization of workers in every labor sector except agriculture and domestic service. It established the federal government as the regulator and ultimate arbiter of labor relations. It created a three member NLR board ostensibly purposed to protect the right of workers I assume against their employers; as well as, promote and encourage collective bargaining. The law forces companies to bargain with any and all certified unions.

Collective bargaining is the ongoing negotiation between representatives of workers/employers to establish the conditions of employment. Items and elements such as wages, pension benefits, healthcare policies, hiring practices, layoffs, promotions, job functions and working conditions; fundamentally, unions supervise and control everything other than supporting the means to pay for such labor. When the counterparty to union negotiation is a for profit entity union limits are somewhat defined by the private entity’s profitability; but when the counterparty is a government concern and the elected in the pocket of the union. The tax base is assumed infinite; I should clarify, it is the borrowing into the future that is considered limitless.

Now where oh where is the elected leadership? Under the thumb of those that got them elected of course.

The practice of statutorily compliant corruption is the operational culture of the Obama administration. The president and his staffs are unionist. They are hell bent on promoting the ideals of a progressive labor movement. Directly in league with the executive administration, (since President Nixon significantly contributed to the willful printing of fiat monies) the institutionally excepted way out of recessions has been the knife and fork utility of inflation. As if a wizard casting a spell to stimulate the illusion of revenue growth through transference; Mr. Ben Bernanke and his printing machine, The Federal Reserve, is buying up the present national debt with future debt. Is there an auditor in the land that would certify this print and buy scheme as a solvent answer to the problem of an unsustainable national deficit?

It is the illusion of cash forthcoming that the union, as well as, President Obama is clinging and hoping to sell. As municipalities strapped for cash cut cost instead of increase taxes union officials’ panic by stirring up their base with the nonsensical. The unions are spending millions upon millions of member dues to fight off the inevitable downsizing of union power and influence.

As I see it the unions are gangsters by another name…

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