Authored by William Robert Barber

Post, Alexis De Tocqueville’s essay on American democracy wherein the author noted the guiding principles of Americanism as those founded on individualism, a spirit of egalitarian, where liberty, property, and religion were honored as inalienable virtues. America has, since De Tocqueville, realized a steady reduction of the average American’s appreciation of individualism; egalitarianism has been replaced by concerns over income disparity, liberty has been traded for government oversight and benevolence, private property is subject to a government’s perception of public good, and religion must conform to government mandates respective of theological conflict.           

After two-hundred and twenty-three years of existence the ideological principles of the Federalist Party have captured the concept, vision, and political meaningfulness of America’s governing. The party, initiated in George Washington’s second term, originated and reflected the political will manifested in the likes of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, and John Adams. The Federalist comprehensively chartered the philosophical means, the judgment criteria, and the basis of Chief Justice John Marshall monumental decisions; the ideals of the Federalist Party has decisively overwhelmed and superseded any of the Founder’s wildest apprehensions and hesitations.

The Federalist intentions of yesteryear, by means unapparent and enigmatic, have captured the essence of Federalist’s original intent by enveloping from the political left instead of the right.  The progressively leftist government of Obama has with the advent of presidential executive edicts, presidential appointments of czars that evade senatorial approval, the preponderance of congressional recess appointments, the unilateral unprecedented spending of taxpayer funds financed by a Federal Reserve that simply prints fiat currency to keep pace with spending. A defense department cabinet member that says a congressional declaration of war is not necessary as long as there is a United Nations. A President Obama, who lies, distorts, misdirects, and willfully usurps authority. One who is joyously applauded by an embracing main-stream media? Is this behavior in keeping with the ideals of the original Federalist? I don’t think so.

The central government is dominate, omnificent, omnipotent, coercive, and distant from the people. The present power of the federal government has diminished the meaningfulness of federalism, by mandate and adherents to federal regulations the central government regularly mocks the sovereignty of States, and has by process and governess eliminated the practical legitimacy of the Checks and Balances system integral to the application of Constitutional maxims.  

The congressional elected are occupiers, long-term residents of congressional offices. They are facilitators of and for like-same political affiliations. They pledge their attention to lobbyist with offerings and to persons-of-interest persuaders that feed campaign funding to their advantage.  The politicians of recent memories prefer the retaining or attaining of power above all other considerations.  They are apparatchik’s of an ideological allegiance, as long as, such allegiance serves their interest. Their beliefs fit the moment and have no independent veracity; if in power they vote to retain, if out of power they voice themselves as sang-froid contrarians. Political campaigns are not a transparent truthful rendering of the candidate’s intentions if elected; they are charades designed by Psephologists who, no matter the cost, are one of a coterie of win-the-election promoters.  

President Obama, with the aid and assist of political professionals produces, writes, directs, acts, and distributes his campaign for reelection. For President Obama his reelection campaign is as if a movie. The president understands that truthfulness in an election is irrelevant. He is bound by only a figment of his own imaginative. He knows that he is a law professor, a man of academia, a theorist who is quite pleased with the idea of propagating his brand of political philosophy, even if, his theoretical ideals have no bearing in a real world; he is satisfied with his theories though the effects are pragmatically detrimental or ineffectual. The president must act or act like he is acting; therefore, he gives a speech, well, many speeches. He knows he is not an implementer, a hands-on builder, he is not a leader. President understands that he is simply an actor in a play of his own making. His political persona is a ruse.

Regardless of evidence to the converse he artfully dramatizes his raison d’être as a reflective of sapient and sanguine merit. He portrays himself as a representative of Vox populi. His mannerisms and oral expressions portrait a Stupor mundi of a man but in fact he is an illiberal elitist a liberal progressive who has expunged all conservative inclinations from his being. Obama is a didactic hauteur. A Chicago politician who espouses the governing philosophy of statism; he is an autocrat of necessity. Which simply means, (as one example) President Obama will state that the health-care mandate is not a tax before an election and then charge his attorney general’s consul to pray that the mandate is a tax in front of the Supreme Court.     

America requires a renaissance, a recommitment to the ideals of limited government, of recognizing the potency of individualism as a political philosophy, as well as, the belief in the trinity of liberty, property, and the freedom of religious worship disrespectful of government mandates of conformation to its will.

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