Authored by William Robert Barber

The recent revelation by President Obama that Ronald Reagan’s political-economic ideals are the exactness of his very own should calm the concerns of Karl Rove and a cadre of conservative acolytes; nevertheless, his progressive base must be rattled whilst Ted Kennedy’s spirit is wishing the corporal being had voted for Hillary.  

Imagine, all this time we conservatives deciphered the president’s political characterization as “definitely liberal progressive” to “socialist”. But now with the knowing that President Obama’s governing philosophy mimics that of the former conservative icon… Obama, obviously, has elicited a sigh of relief amongst the members of the House of Representatives.

Now that the president has invoked Reagan sameness, what is the Republican brand to run on?  The Tea Party has no agenda of protest; Obama is a conservative, and all is right in the world.  

Of course, setting the speech aside, juxtaposing Obama’s newest revelation (of philosophical fraternity with Reagan) over and into the ideological agenda of liberal progressivism is as difficult as fitting a round into a square; but then, the tasks of manipulating the electorate into believing that the round can enter all the way through a square is a signature Obama phenomenon.

As if a wizard, the president possesses the extraordinary gift of mixing and weaving the ignoble of duplicity, innuendo, deceit, and naked falsities into discernible rhetoric. President Obama has seduced a super majority of Americans of African descent, the professors of academia, just about all the Hollywood celebrities, unions, a significant number of Hispanic Americans, and of course all the contrarian’s, minimalist, and those citizens that are dependent on the government for subsistence. President Obama’s political constituency is formable.         

The President of the United States has no qualms or hesitations with fabricating at will…outright, plain and naked falsities. Scurrilous accusations roll from inward to outward as natural as inhaling and exhaling. Yes, he is an attorney.

I listened to Romney’s speech at the NRA conference; I felt he grasps the essence of what needed to be said. For better or nominal he is our candidate. Obama must be defeated; this nation cannot withstand another four years of progressivism at the least and socialism at the worst.

Our constitution is tattered and soiled. This nation must defeat Obama and his confederates. The elections of 1800 and 1860 were certainly significant historical benchmarks; but in the interest of conservative principles and their longevity of meaningfulness hereto forward I think this forthcoming election much more important than either.

This next election will define Americanism and whether we are a “shiny city upon a hill.” This is the challenge, is this nation to adhere to the ideals of founding principles or adapt, modify, and circumvent the constitution of 1789? Are we Americans to reinvigorate the spirit of American exceptionalism?

Where in the priorities of what is meaningful to the America of 2012 is the measure of individual liberty? Is freedom blasé? I think Patrick Henry said it best, “give me liberty or give me death.” 

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