Authored by William Robert Barber

I do believe that this forthcoming electoral contest is a confrontation of profoundly contrary ideological forces. The contesters are divided in the sum of their intent as well as the scope and meaningfulness of how they envision governess. I believe the divide is so divisible that the eventual looser will not be able to reconcile its loss. The substantive counter-perspectives that define the differing political socio-economic beliefs of the Democratic and Republican parties are so profoundly divisive and isolatable that the electoral loser will favor a functional impairment of governing rather than compromise to the consequence of their loss.

Niccolo of Florence would recognize this present atmosphere of political intolerance and disrespect as the prompt to necessitate a policy of win-the-desired result no matter the means.

Now if intolerance, disrespect, and vitriolic behavior omnipresent in today’s political milieu were this nation’s only issue of concern I’d be seeking resolution within the election process. However, the preceding descriptive is not the problem. It is instead a variety of symptoms. The problem includes the frustration of dealing with a government that has abandoned its constitutional tenets, the spirit of its principle reasoning of creating a republic, and a conspicuous minority that has traded its sense of self-worth for (an ever growing in cultural acceptance) the indiscernible belief of socio-economic entitlement. Additionally, Obama wishes to transform America into a European model of governess and there is confusion as to what that exactly means.

The populous must understand that since the creation of the State, governments have overstepped their authority of governess. This statement of fact is founded on voluminous examples of historical evidence. Exceeding the authority originally granted is the behavior of governments because governments are intrinsically corrupt, devious, duplicitous, and ominous. Government is naturally foreboding. Government is not design to practice trust and fidelity; government is design to grow and exercise coercive force.

The political leadership of the government is purposed to maintain its grip on power; aside from promises to the contrary leadership is only interested in its majority status. Therefore, leadership must always be treated with askance, hesitation, and a-prove it to me mentality. This is where the damage is done to the Republic-for only the people can force leadership to act with allegiance to the laws of the land and limit (as much as possible) the inherent corruptive nature of governing.

The Obama’s of the world favor the government to do all the thinking and acting; while the conservatives believe in the value of the individual and therefore distrust government, their wonks, their good intentions, and their bureaucracy. The Obama disciples of progressivism believe government is better disposed to validate economic priorities, cultural values, and national righteousness. The contraries to this particular belief is the conservatives who sense that government is at the service of the people not the other way around.

The renaissance of American traditional values such as self-worth, self-reliance, and the integrity intrinsic with earning one’s way in the world without government interference or financial support is one of the results of voting for Mitt Romney verses President Obama. This forthcoming election is going to have an conclusive effectual on the meaningfulness of America for the next several generations, this election is very important.

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