13 06 2012

Authored by William Robert Barber

SECRETARY CLINTON: Since peace, except as an interlude, has never existed, how could this nation state with reams of evidence to the contrary actually believe in the status of peace?  What has existed however, for thousands of years, is violent conflict. If the historical record documents violent conflict as a commonality of human endeavor, one that breaches all cultures, every language, and the hill and dale of the world’s geography, why in the name of prudence do we create a foreign policy whose goal is peace?

Do we require self-deception? Is it that turning a blind eye to the palpable actions of the Russians in Syria makes the world safer? Is President Obama so naïve?

Why is it that we Americans cannot accept the world as it is? Why do we need to create a world that we wish it was? Do we actually believe that if upon being slapped by an aggressor the response should be to turn our cheek? Or that once we allow ourselves to be bullied the bully will stop stealing our lunch money?   

Righteousness and fairness left to their own indulgences are fanciful ideals of the world as we wish it was. The world as it truly is requires a sword, shield, and lance; but, most importantly, reality requires leadership that possesses the unhesitating will to act.  

We Americans need to understand our presence: We are the dominant power. We are the leader of the free world. That is we are the dominant power and the world’s leader if we have the will to accept our position and act accordingly; but if we beg Pakistan to pretty pretty please let us transport our trucks through their territory (so we can logistically supply our military efforts in Afghanistan) then we are as weak a nation as we allow ourselves to be.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: In direct contradiction to the spirit of the nation’s constitution government(s) have taken on the role of mother, father, and sage. The government wants to do all the thinking for us. In the name of protection it will mandate what we cannot inhale, inject, or swallow. And of course, once monopolized and heavily taxed, the government allows us citizens to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and gamble.

Interestingly, the Obama government is not satisfied with the precedence of government protectorate. Oh no, the President wants to impose a greater percentage of a citizen’s income so to finance his ideal of fairness exampled by the infamous Obama distribution of wealth formula. Certainly the nation’s number one liberal progressive encourages the hiring of more government workers, and he must somehow find a way to revive the private and public unions. Then of course he must convince the “have-nots” to vote to increase taxes upon those that have; my goodness, this president has his tasks laid out for him! But then, he is the man who attained the highest office in the land founded on the premise of hope.

Tax and spend is — and has been — the liberal rant since the early days of the republic. The policy has never functioned in the economic interest of the nation; no matter such is a mainstay of liberal progressivism. Well the good news is, under the adage of do-no-harm, President Obama is too busy campaigning and raising money to manage or lead the government… but then of course there is Senator Reid…




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