25 06 2012

Authored by William Robert Barber

I am perturbed, a bit confused, and certainly disappointed not just by the general thrust of President Obama’s leadership but also the blatantly obvious politically motivated antics of his underlings.

The ubiquitously omnipotent national news media, the very same medium that utilizes the conveyance of print, radio, and television, (a 24/7 effort) is ostensibly charged, to explicitly and implicitly disseminate information to the public; this dissemination of noteworthy political affairs, though delivered with discretion, should either be delivered void of partisan persuasion and ideological prejudice (quite possibly an impossible task) the particular disseminator therefore should openly and transparently declare their political ideals.  

From the outside looking in it seems that the producers, writers, and presenters of news media are in a loosely sorted telepathic collusion to disseminate their brand of controversial, ideologically inspired, absolutely opinionated intuit of political righteousness. They as if a priest endowed with the right to bestow absolution have forgiven and blessed the president for his faux pas, multiple oral distortions of the factual, and policy failures both domestic and foreign.

My confusion is affixed on trying to understand the logic or is it the illogic of the liberal progressive agenda. If taxes are derived from the profits of business and President Obama scurrilously derides not just business but the capital markets in general. If the president in celebratory coordination with his progressive cohorts relentlessly tags onto business excessive if not erroneous fees, additional taxes, and regulatory obstacles as if to flagellate business for being business. If the president justifies the ever growing cost of governing by simplifying such cost by taxing the rich eventually there will be fewer rich to tax but the cost of governing, being a constant, will still be growing. In other words, how in the name of sanity could fifty-percent of the people want to reelect this president?

The president has decided to not enforce immigration laws, he has decided that marriage is no longer the traditional descriptive, he has affirmed into law, as a component of ObamaCare the individual mandate,  President Obama has done his very best to change this country from its historical basis to a land that is crossed between Norway and France.

But Hollywood loves the guy, and certainly, a respectable number of Americans think that he deserves a second term; these are the reasons I am disappointed. I cannot understand how — much less why — so many of my fellow Americans voted for him in the first cause… but after seeing what he has done, my question is why in the world of sensibility would they vote him back into office?!




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