29 06 2012

Authored by William Robert Barber

My first reaction to the Chief Justice’s reasoning was emptiness, the forming of a void, evolving into an irritant that moved into an aggravation that stemmed from deep inside my bowels, and finally, a conclusive irreconcilable loss akin to being mortally wounded. I then sought an explanation.  

The explanation was that President Obama and his progressives had won the day.

In essence Chief Justice Roberts believes that congress has the unlimited right to tax every American citizen ad nauseam. Further, though lacking the evidence of (verbatim) constitutional law, he the Chief Justice, (at his discretion) appendages the constitution by crafting ObamaCare to his liking so that he can provide the decisive vote with the court’s liberal progressives.  

Well, it does no good for conservatives to rethink or rehash what clearly is now the law of the land. We have only one alternative: The conservatives must elect a majority in the House, the Senate, and the Executive Office. To fall short is for this nation of enterprise to convert to a nation of socialists that simply enable the entitlement class and unions to the meaningfulness of individual liberty and freedom.

This is the most critical election since the election of 1800. If this election cedes to President Obama, a doctrine of liberal progressivism will blanket the nation; the result of such is viewable in California, New York City, San Francisco, and the countries that are members of the EU: All of these entities, despite their policy of high taxation, are sorely lacking in good sense, fiscal reliability, and as a consequence cash. Their answer to enlarging government has always been to increase the tax on some class, some product, or some service.

I am hopeful that the American people will rise to the occasion and convincingly rout the progressives out of elective office. And though I do not like the idea of relying on hope, presently that is all I have.




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