Authored by William Robert Barber  

President Obama, leader of the free world, commander-in-chief of the most lethal armed forces that have ever existed, chairman of an economy larger than Japan and China combined; or — known by the attentively deductive amongst the citizenry as Mr. Wrongheaded — has unabashedly revealed the inner workings of his ideological mindset. The president, emancipated from teleprompter, with a sincerity of belief heretofore suppressed presented the core of his philosophical conviction. Our president truly believes that the prime mover, the engine of human advancement, the meaningful all-essential contributor to an entrepreneur’s success is government.

The President suggests that it was government that put a man on the moon, invented the Internet, crafted science, inspired art, build roads & bridges, educated the population, and on and on and on. In other words, it is government, the not so silent, never passive partner that renders surety of purpose for the captains of industry.

This reasoning is classic liberal progressive. The argument put forth by President Obama is the basis of his rational; he thinks those that have more should pay more, and then a little more. Never mind that almost half the working population pay no federal income tax; they have no skin in the game less insuring their vote is cast for a continuance of their nontaxable status.

Well Mr. Wrongheaded, answer me this: If government is the prime mover, the all essential, where does government receive the funds to operate? Yes, that’s right. Directly from private enterprise and yes again, without private enterprise government would not exist. To be ever more specific, private enterprise must insist on making a profit; without profit there is nothing to tax.

But then it is the liberal progressives and Mr. Wrongheaded who actually believe that there should be a cap on earned income. The president once mentioned $500,000 as a number and under the banner of fairness, in the interest of the common good, monies generated beyond the capped amount should go to treasury for the government to decide where the funds should be disbursed.

This president has side stepped congress when it pleases him and renders to congress when he has no clue as to the next move. He invokes executive privilege and damns the recent former president for such action, he demands civility while engaging in scurrilous accusations, he declares transparency as the basis of American democracy but permits, aids, and assists his Attorney General in disregarding congressional oversight. This Mr. Wrongheaded is befuddled by the demands of leadership, confused as to the management of governing, baffled when facts disprove ideology and wholly unprepared to discard a predetermined belief system in favor of contrary evidence. Often the president effectively contradicts his own statements.

All he really wants to do is listen to himself speak…he loves campaigning.

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