Authored by William Robert Barber

Exemplified by President Obama’s speech at the recent Democratic Convention, the governing mode of today’s politician emphasizes the rhetorical over the substantive and style over substance, wherein the promises of rainbows and butterflies take precedence over the appreciative necessity of prudence, good sense, and empirical navigation.

The adage that the people are governed by the government they deserve, is not only factual particularly in this coming election, because the two major political parties are diametric in every measure of merit, the victor will have consequential and long-tail ramifications.

The British Empire was built upon the expansive policy of convincing the country of British interest that their neighbor was a common enemy and that the neighbor of the enemy was a friend. The policy of The British Empire was to divide organic commonality and common purpose so to disable opposition to Britain’s real political intent. This mission of the British is similar to the liberal progressive Obama agenda… which simply put is: Those of you out there who have less, no worries, President Obama and his progressives are going to take from those that have (the rich) and — facilitated through government aid and assist — give it to you.

In order to sustain such a policy the ‘Obama brethren’ must discover/invent and harvest discontent; these discontented must have a target, a plausible motivation, and a realizable, even if only in the form of a Pro Forma, solution. Therefore, pretty words that dance around the pleasing sounds of fair and just, beautifully designed idealisms, and lofty objectives that ring of social perfection feed the discontented. This diet of nonsensical enables the practice of imprudent government behavior. Like printing fiat currency as if economics was a game of monopoly, the fed’s buying government issued bonds to artificially damper interest rates, and maintaining the continuum of spending more and more money because the fear is that stopping the spending and borrowing will collapse the nation’s financial wherewithal.       

Within the orb of bigger, greater, and unlimited government the plain truth of the matter has become irrelevant; in practice the truth is indistinguishable. What is relevant for the Obama administration is the retention of power. Purposefully, under this administration much more so than others, ambiguity is the knife and fork of governing. Ambiguity was originally created by the governing so to envelop the lawful ideal of plain spoken and transparency.

Today, contentiousness in the interest of litigious contrivance is the collateral damage of ambiguity. Imagine a government wherein the lawmakers concede the vitality of the law to the unelected regulator, where the governed do not understand the complex laws of the land, and where a president requesting reelection speaks for an hour and says absolutely nothing regarding a solution to obvious national problems.

This forthcoming election will define America the government, as well as Americans as exceptional people; if the president is reelected with his dismal record of achievement then clearly the collective has subdued the ethos of American individualism.  

Pretty words delivered with rhetorical style will have speared substance and the substantive through heart…

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