21 09 2012

Authored by William Robert Barber

I do believe that one could safely say that if the Republican Party cannot beat the Democrats on this pending November election cycle then it is time to rescind, annul, revoke, dismantle, null and void the party altogether. Additionally, upon losing one would need to submit to the reality that there has been a realignment of Americanism. Clearly if the president wins, the traditional descriptive of the American rugged individualism, dynamic exceptionalism, self-reliance, and fortitude; the American that took on all challenges and rejected victimization, the American that espoused a limited constitutionally derived government is terminal.  

The Democratic Party with some influences, aid, and insist (time-to-time) from the Grand Old Party, in an attempt to entice the voting public to their favor over decades of election cycles; have successfully presented to the voters a very common hoax. This scam or con is thousands of years old; the basis of the deceit is premised on convincing voters that government intrinsically have the means to deliver a true value of service (healthcare, welfare, social security, benefits, guns & butter, etc.) and the beneficiaries will pay little to nothing. In crassly plain terms politicians have lied and presently do lie, the public willfully accepts the lying, and the two satisfied parties march on to the cadence of adherence to the oblivious.  

The most interesting segment of this entire Obama movement to the political left, to the transference of political, economic, and financial power to a government of Herculean empowerment, is that this Obama-liberal-progressive plot and plan will not work. In the meantime, this socialistic ideal is repressing individualism and replacing the once common acceptance of personal responsibility with a belief that it is the government’s obligation not the individual’s. The Obama progressive considers the “right to life” as an all inclusive entitlement–a financial-fiduciary obligation of government.  

However the Obama model will not deliver or function within the confines of a free society. Unlimited government power regardless of the government’s objective of kingly benevolence and sublime intentions will simply stymie the engines of industry and general pecuniary growth. This plan of Obama enhances cronyism and erodes the meaningfulness of the 1789 constitution.

A pessimist may conclude that it is the (expressed by their actions) purpose of the liberal progressive movement to create a reliance on government. Indeed one could find convincing evidence that such dependency is the policy-imperative of progressivism; to lure and ensnare the voting public into blissful dependency is a passionate aspiration of the Democratic Party.

In real terms the Democrats are endorsing a government of compassionate autocrats. These cadres of ‘the elected’ and ‘appointed’ are presumed to know best. They are the identified linchpin of the progressive government’s support structure. They are purposefully designed (in an artfully deceptive manner) as benign bureaucratic-wonks. But of course upon cursory discovery their function is to obey and implement the enlighten degrees of the new Plantagenet’s. These new-found Plantagenet’s take their supreme power not from the appointment as God’s direct representative on earth but from an a priori principle of moral and cognitive superiority. This presumptive discernment is self-degreed, unsubstantial, counter-empirical but organically visceral to their ideology. But “what the hell” they must know the way to societal blissfulness. They went to the highly rated schools. They rate high IQs, they know celebrities, speak French and they care for the poor and the disenfranchised.

I suppose the progressives believe that only government can protect the common man from the wealthy, the greedy corporations, the recklessness of business investors, and their army of lobbyist who work in the interest of their clients and therefore counter to the interest of the common and ordinary.

How in the world did this country move so far away from the Founders’ constitution? How could we have spent so much blood and treasure only to owe 16 trillion dollars?!?

The Mayflower Compact was the first attempt at the communalism of work and resources in the interest of the common good. That trial balloon was punctured by the reality of the human psychology; one cannot be forced to accept the failings or even the less productivity of others. Charity nevertheless is and always has been an instinctual of the independently minded citizens of America. 




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