Authored by William Robert Barber

The people prompted initially to safeguard the community from its enemies, to maximize resources, or to defeat a foe, allied together. Leaders were defined, the governing entity formed, individual freedom and liberty willingly exchanged for the generally accepted concept of corporal safety. In short order cultural mores and statutory laws developed to support the governing entity. Judicial processes were established; subject to certainties, subjective intangibles, and the whims and wilds of unanticipated possibilities governing came into being.

Over a period of time…the idea of self-governance developed wherein the individual verses the state was the object of value. In America a constitution was documented, affirmed by the drafters, and voted on by the people. Inclusively this constitution would protect and insure its (individual) constituents certain specific rights, a check and balance system of governance, and the institutionalization of federalism as a means to limit the size and power of the central government.

By 1789 in measurable terms American self-governance statutorily in place. Until a cataclysmic event took place, the more conservative political constituents were split by TR Roosevelt’s entry into the presidential elections. Wilson a definitive progressive from academia won. Shortly thereafter via the tax code of 1913 wherein the constitution was amended to permit the Fed’s the right to tax each individual for anything it wishes (The Chief Justice willed it so in 2012) pure imperial power was installed. But, as grievous the power to tax the power to distribute is the death blow to the idea and founding premise of federalism.

States either accept federal monies coupled with federal rules and regulations or lose the money; this has created the most dangerous threat to this republic. Interestingly the means to the result of this systematic form of statutorily compliant corruption has been approved by congress and has the tenure of almost one hundred years of precedence.

State sovereignty was mitigated by federal edicts tied to receiving federal funds. In place of State sovereignty is warring political fiefdoms; two predominating power allegiances incorporated within the 
utility of political parties each struggling to control the reins of federal governorship. Each officer holder serving in congress strives and is judged on how much federal off-balance-sheet tax dollars 
they could return to their constituencies. Over-handed and under-handed deals were and are struck; legislation voted for and against, appoints secured, and in the interest of funding pet projects close-room chancery prevails-the republic’s tolerance is waning-some call such nonsense, “the political artfulness of compromise.”

So it seems no matter the safeguards-by means extraordinary or mundane-the ideal of self-government dedicated to individual freedom and liberty are eventually corrupted, abused, and eventually lost to the 
discretion of an intrusively omnipotent coercive government more apt to prefer cronyism and the collective to the merits of individualism founded on individual freedoms and personal liberty.

The encroachment upon an individual’s freedom to act unilaterally within the affairs of business is almost entirely controlled by some government statue, license, or regulation. This controlling interdiction upon what was once the providence of individual choice has been attained at a variant pace but nevertheless steadfastly since 1789.

The rational for such encroachment has generally been sanctified by the holy dictum, “in the public interest,” or in words that align in and for the good of the general welfare. Interestingly, these are the same words used by dictators, rouges, military juntas, and all usurpers of individual freedom and liberty.

Today’s American version of same (as defined in the previous paragraph) however are not fanatics, ambitious generals, or misguided politicians; not even close, our versions graduated with advanced degrees from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton; they are the upper crust of intellectualism. They are the cognitively enhanced elite. Plainly stated, these are the ones’ that know the most about all things relevant.

They are sublimely anointed with the knowledge of what is deemed, albeit introspectively, to be worthy, principal, and essential to a civil society. It therefore follows that ‘they’ who know what is best for the common and the ordinary should lead the people

The cognitively enhanced are intuitively ethical and intrinsically moral. The sublimely anointed are blessed with the perfection of clear-sighted-righteousness; it is such an introspective that prompts those that know the most about all things relevant to comprehend that the only reason conservatism or libertarianism exist is for the lack of a formal education.

These intellectuals are comforted in the knowing that the proper liberal-progressive induced education not only benefits the public but also proportionately serves to positively embolden political and ideological persuasiveness in the liberal progressive cause. It is palpably apparent to the liberal progressive that only the maliciously ignorant and educationally deficient could rationalize a political system founded on conservative values.

Now the progressive is not sufficiently naive to believe that all persons can graduate from college in fact, viable sources of the endorsers of progressivism have little to no formal U. S. education they are “non-documented” or more blatantly they are illegal’s. In this immigration issue the progressives buy their vote with food stamps, welfare, and free medical benefits. Well wait a minute, one might caution if they are illegal how progressives can buy their vote? Hmm…by buying the sympathy of those of Latin heritage who can vote many family members of illegals are legal American citizens. Give the people beer, games, and bread… it worked for the emperors of ancient Rome…Or did it?

Liberal progressivism cannot generate political success within a self-reliant, hard-working, and ethically sound populous; their message will only resonant in a dependant-on-government, hardly want to work, amoral society who will willingly subordinate to a government that supplies (the symbolic) bread, wine, lotto-tickets, and games. I fear the people have lost all interest in a republic and just as soon have the liberal progressives of the world do all the thinking for them…the definitive to my fear will be documented in this next election.

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