Authored by William Robert Barber

…is pretentious, arrogant, and single-mindedly engaged in the decimation of capitalism (as an economic system). Liberal progressivism is inherently detrimental to individual liberty. One cannot infuse such a policy without a bigger central government and along with it the abandonment of fiscal prudence. If empirical evidence is required just review the present general circumstance of the federal government.

Nevertheless, President Obama and his acolytes push “forward” with their ambitions. Stationed in Chicago, in the president’s reelection headquarters, hundreds of millions are funding the progressive’s most potent opportunity to impose a liberal progressiveness agenda onto America. If the Democratic Party is not successful the voter-rejection of an incumbent liberal progressive president will vigorously and viscously realign the party from the political left to the right. However, if successful,  this determined coalition of progressive politicians, appointed bureaucrats, guilelessly predisposed idealist,  unionist, socialist, contrarian-activist, utopians, nihilist, and those depending on an empathetic government will win very big.  

The liberal progressive vows to implement throughout the nation a governing imposition of moral-righteousness a principle they brand as social justice. Such a pledge is a conviction that encapsulate(s) the progressive’s priority of political disposition and defines their ideal that social justice is not only a pillar of their political, economic, and moral identification but more so social justice is a policy that invokes, the heartfelt, very meaningfulness, of a progressive’s ideological being.

Cloaked in the ill-defined purpose of emasculating the rich and the powerful for the benefit of the poor, the disadvantaged, the deprived, and the disenfranchised, these progressives go about their business of goading business with accusations of greed, apathy, and ethical debauchery whiles they solicit them for campaign contribution and freebies. They scream for more regulation on the processes of business and at the same time cry for business to part with their cash and hire more employees.

There are more than ever before more people on food stamps and welfare, the middle class income earners are realizing $5,000 less per year than before the Obama reign, amazingly the progressives insist that if given four more years President Obama will put the round into the square and all will be as promised in 2008.

The Obama administration dances the polka whiles fiddling their way from misdirection of the facts to the next distortion of truthfulness. At the recent debate the president was disabled and discombobulated not by Denver’s mountain air or by (as charged by a few leftists provocateurs) Romney’s cheat sheet or lies; the president was simply overwhelmed by the accuracy of subject matter verses Obama’s campaign of mutilation of the truth.

I’m certainly looking forward to this last month of campaigns and debates, I am really interested in the direction the American people vote…

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