Authored by William Robert Barber

Recently, a liberal leaning friend telephoned to tell me he was voting for Mitt Romney and the entire Republican ticket. My assumption is that if he was to vote for President Obama (as he did in 2008) then I would not be receiving that call; he was obviously looking for additional validation.

I responded to his declaration by explaining that I do not consider myself a Republican; instead, I consider myself a believer of conservative principles. I strongly asserted that because of my conservative principles I could never vote for the president. He said that he understood my perspective and went on to express a deep concern over the current deficit, emphasizing his befuddlement over the details relevant to the deficit but did ‘feel’ that the debt was not sustainable. And without catching his breath, he forcefully declared that he had lost faith in the president’s ability to manage not only the fiscal issues of the nation but also the political animus amongst the elected representatives of congress.

Of course my response was to whole-heartily agree with his analysis. We then asked ourselves: If we’re so right, how in the world of sane judgment is the president tied with Romney in this election?!?

The ultimate answer will be revealed on the morning of November 7; but  there are some speculative possibilities: A significant percentage of the citizenry have little to no interest in the contesting issues; others within the significant percentage have emotionally sided with the concept of government largeness, and/or have bought into the idea of taking from those that have more, after agreeing to pay the government’s intermediary fee – but knowing that they’re pocketing, or should I say appropriating the remainder.

If President Obama should get reelected obviously, clearly, and without a doubt such an outcome would evidence an apodictic negative indictment of the general appeal of the Republican Party. The indictment would include the rebuff of conservative principles and a definitive rejection of limited government as a meaningful alternative to today’s presence of unlimited government. An Obama reelection would be a tremendous victory as well as a ringing endorsement of the political-socioeconomic policy of liberal progressivism.  

It is beyond my comprehension and cognitive capacity as to the reasons any citizen would vote for President Obama considering his pitiful management thus far; but then, surely, this is how conservatives felt about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second term of office…

Well, we are days away from the final discovery…

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