Authored by William Robert Barber

Notably, the Republican Party after convincingly loosing the last two presidential elections while at the same time suffering declining representation in the Senate, conservatives needed to accept the Chief Justice’s outrageously grievous opinion that effectually sanctioned congress with unequivocally exceptional taxing powers. And in so doing certified ObamaCare as legitimate legislation, belittled the meaningfulness of federalism, and empowered an entitlement society. By invoking executive privilege (Operation Fast & Furious) and outright lying about the incident in Benghazi the president has run roughshod over congressional oversight-and got away with doing so. Despite the national debt, the high unemployment, the excessive government spending, the growing enormity of welfare and entitlement cost, the GOP not only could not replace the president, the party loss seats in the Senate, and although having retained a House majority the GOP have less members as a result of the recent election.

 The GOP presidential loss was particularly embarrassing because it was not obvious to Karl Rove. Imagine that! Now, if the lead-harbinger of the GOP forecasts victory along with the resident geniuses, Gingrich, Trump, and the governors of every swing state. But instead of victory Republican candidates realized ignominious defeat-obviously, there was either no superseding prevalence to vote for Romney, for the Republican agenda, or a combination of both.

 The erroneous predictions by those that are relied upon for accuracy have created a loss of faith not just in the present state of election-result malaise but the-loss-of faith-virus could infect the health of future Republican electorates. Faithfulness is a core-essential to political beliefs.

 Without the appearance of a strong believable Republican leader to reinvigorate the conservative movement apolitical apathy will dominate lending opportunity to the liberal progressive politicians.

 There are those that believe: That the concept of limited government is indefinitely deferred; one might be inclined to suggest that the liberal progressives’ social and political ideology has taken a solid turn to electorate acceptance. That Keynesian economics coupled with governing largeness and regulatory intervention dominates Washington. That capitalism, within a generation, will be solely a historical reference eclipsed by the progressive themes of equalitarianism and socialism. Lastly, what was once an American enterprise founded on the principles of existentialism is soon to be reconfigured so to comply with the rules and regulations of a bureaucratic autocratic-plutocracy masquerading as defenders of the middle-class and disenfranchised.

 Well, all of the preceding could come true if it was not for one absolute. President Obama’s agenda for “change we can believe in,” the progressive economic, social, governing agenda will not result in the private economy’s growth. And without economic growth no amount of regulation, taxation, government stimulus, social justice or wishful rhetoric will put the round into the square.

The progressives are emboldened by their election victory nevertheless winning an election and governing is the difference between night and day. For example: The actual liabilities of the federal government including Social Security, Medicare, and federal employees’ future retirement benefits exceeds $86.8 trillion, or 550% of GDP. The unfunded liability of Medicare was $42.8 trillion for Social Security $20.5 trillion.

Now if you have a goal of turning ObamaCare into a single-payer system, espousing guaranteed income, wealth distribution, and social justice, interjecting United Nations governance into U.S. foreign and domestic policies, instituting an open-border immigration strategy, and generally adhering to the whims of unions…then where is the time and energy for governing?

Hmm…well let’s see how their ideological theories lead the nation’s economy to exponential growth. But my bet Obama’s second term is on: “Celebrating loose morality, sustained titillation and a fascination with all things insalubrious.” 

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