Authored by William Robert Barber

They, those, and them; the political class, the “in-the-know politicians,” and certainly the liberal national media all agree that President Obama has “won” a significant political battle. He has suppressed an intrinsic Republican inclination to cut government spending by harnessing a coalition of progressives that are In favor of more government spending. But of course he has done much more and beyond than simply  that: The President has purged the check and balance system of governess by circumventing the House of Representatives’ heretofore “power of the purse.” He has eroded federalism; he has enriched and empowered the executive branch of government. The president and his helpful cohorts (the have-less and have-not) have realigned the constitutional concept of equal branches of government in favor of the presidency.    

Abandoning the ideals of statesmanship, political parties have embraced Machiavellian tactics to achieve this goal of ‘winning’ elections. The idea, the envisioned concept, the implemented design, their public behavior and rhetorical formation, is only about winning elections.

As a consequence — because winning has been beyond their reach — the Republicans are now disorientated (at least Moses had an ultimate direction as he led his tribe across the wilderness!). They’re discombobulated because they have lost the office of the ‘golden goose’ twice and since their party is wholly devoted to winning they just can’t get past the loss. Stymied, disarrayed, bewildered, and confused the Republicans may fall on their sword instead of honoring their governing principles.

Instead of prudent governess we citizens of 2012 seem to prefer the pretense of ‘fairness’ as the guiding beacon to the ultimate equalitarian society wherein everyone has a “fair shot” at achieving the “American Dream.”  Hence the rich (a class defined by Obama & company) need to pay more. I honestly have no idea what implicitly or explicitly the meaning of ‘fairness’ is; neither do I have any concept of how a government creates a “fair shot.” Nevertheless, there must be many who do understand those words; after all,  the voters cast their ballot for the president’s reelection.   

For the Republicans to get their act together they need a leader, a single voice, a consolidator of diverse ideals, and a person who can deliver the message of states-person-ship to the American people. The Republican Party must stop this constant complicity of compromise for the so called “common good” and stand tall for the statecraft of acting within the confines of their political tenets and innate ethos.    

The election 2010 proved that conservative thought is not a forlorn political articulation. Clearly, the cost of governing has become absurd, idiotic, and senseless. Noticeably, there is a synergistic distinction between the appreciation of taxes and government spending. Individual taxation is founded on a progressive tax system. If more citizens make less money than those that make more, either the bar of individual tax liability is to be dropped or other means are to be applied to feed government’s insatiable need to spend.

The Republicans need to rally around their beliefs and call the liberal progressives’ bluff. They are two years away from the next election; if they cave on their beliefs they will lose that election anyway.

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