Authored by William Robert Barber

Since the inception of government, beginning with the first city-state, the attainment and discretionary exhibition of power has been government’s ethos-essential. In short order, helplessly, every member of the governing populous sensed the potent and willful execution of its power.

Soon it was known that a government without power is no government at all. A government that does not apply its power is a toothless irrelevancy, doomed to anarchism and eventual dismissal as an effective governing entity. All governments either proliferate by all means measurable or become dismissive and irrelevant. The DNA of government is designed, at all cost, to expansion in size, scope, and ever-increasing power. This DNA of government will not be denied, and as is the case in America, government expansion negatively abates personal freedom and individual liberty. And finally, historical evidence provides the certainty that government has the intrinsic ability to administer unimaginable evil upon its own people.

Despite the valiant efforts of the Founders who created in constitutional form a government that they themselves and subsequent descendants found impossible to practice. Before the election of 1800 the ideals and spirit of limited government was corrupted, defaced, redirected, and maligned by a variable of special interest. And since that election, every aspect of original constitutional intent has eviscerated the meaningfulness of the Constitution: the check and balance system, adherence to the principle of federalism, the tenant of equal but separate branches of government, the senatorial prerogative of advice-and-consent, imperial overreach in one administration after another.

 Since the end of President Washington’s second term elected personalities of political parties have demonstrated acts in favor of party instead of the nation, enumerated and implied powers have been subordinated by executive order, and costly elections every two years are more or less a ritual of scurrilous accusations, outright lies, exaggerations, and self-service embellishments than a debate over issues and policies.

Funded by politically motivated entities, the media of today is nothing less than an unlicensed lobbyist wherein via all alternative distribution channels, at its sole discretion, guides the electorate either by panegyric enhancement, purposeful disregard, or aspersive altercation.

Our teachers taught that the defining difference totalitarian, draconian, fascist, or gangster-style dictatorship governments and a republic is the derivative source of governmental power. In a republic (such as America) the derivative source of power is the people; that subsequently America is a nation of laws not of men; it is the citizens that establish, construe, enforce, and interpret the guiding vitality of its Constitutional authority… well, not in America — not any more.

I am not sure if there was a specific time wherein the “people” lost its derivative source of power; I assume bit by tiny bit since 1789. There is no doubt that the republic of today is an abstruse process, working its will through a Byzantine bureaucratic contrivance.  Does anyone understand the internal rules of the House of Representatives or the Senate? Considering all the amendments, exceptions, and nuances of procedure/process, surely the layperson voter — possibly even a significant number of elected — do not comprehend their very governing dictums.

Leo Tolstoy, one of the world’s most profound writers, felt that robbers were far less dangerous than a well-organized government. In a letter to a friend he said: “The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens… Henceforth, I shall never serve any government anywhere.” Of course the government of Tolstoy’s time and place could not be equated within the same sphere as the American republic. Nevertheless, the descriptive “exploit and corrupt” surely applies to the government of the United States.

Politicians have learned the art of harvesting votes with the left hand whiles usurping the Constitution with the right. Mawkish moments by the Secretary of State in the recent congressional hearings pass for a Benghazi explanation of events. The president’s inaugural speech positively addressed the popular votes liberal majority whiles promising the less than majority (conservatives, libertarians, and the rest) the choice between “hell or high water.”  

The ideals of limited government as originally prescribed within the Constitution of 1789 has, as voted upon by many, many an election, been set aside by a quiescent majority who insists on empowering the very entity that debases their personal liberty and curtails individual freedom. It is as if history is stuck within a Sisyphean exercise wherein freedom is lost and regained time and time again.

Pliant, pliable, with immutable taciturnity the constituents of ancestors that once, at the risk of life and property, challenged King George III have, in less than 200 years, surrendered a significant vestige of constitutionally granted liberty and freedom for the protection of Caesar.  



Authored by William Robert Barber


Politicians attain elective victory by fooling some of the right people all of the time; while their staff and public relation subordinates concentrate their endeavor on fooling  enough  of the people at the right time. I say ‘by fooling’ because seemingly, for politicians as well as the electorate the truth of the matter is treated as irrelevant old news. The candidate is more concerned with the results of focus groups, polls, funding, and contributors then in pronouncing his or her truthfulness.  Whereas seemingly, the voters (other than the directly affected) act befuddled and confused as if challenged by some ambiguity of intricate enormity rendering them (the voters) lost in a midst of purgatorial indecision. 


President Obama is the quintessential protagonist in the ongoing melodrama of a successful politician manipulating the elective via a campaign of duplicitous foolishness. Furthermore, no other politician is more adapt at topic misdirection, hyperbolic declarations, scurrilous accusations, lying, and outright deception than this president. Within the amoral world of Obama it is perfectly normal for our president too at one time to be adamantly against and later be equally for. Conversely, the president can effortlessly, at another instance, be adamantly for, what he was equally adamant against. Depending on the moment and servings of a particular convenience, the meaningfulness of his words are automatically adjusted to dwell in the shadows created by his artful blocking of the truth.


Successful fooling of the electorate requires affinities of national media, unions, lobbyist, and either a simple majority of 51% of voters or a montage of differing demographics that coalesce under the same ensign.  The president successfully appealed to varied parts of voters that made up a cohesive montage; and with the aid and assist of a complacently compliant media, union loyalist, secularist, the academic community, pro-abortionist, Hollywood, and those that pay no federal taxes. It is the coalescent of all the heretofore mentioned that effectuated a victorious reelection. Of course the Democrats did have the aid and assist of a weak Republican message, unmotivated conservative constituency, and a candidate who lacked the empathy required to communicate a clear message.


 Now what I mean by fooling does not apply to roughly twenty-five percent of the president’s ardent cohorts; there’s no fooling there and no fooling required.  That twenty-five percent are fervid progressives; these ideologues are all cogent of the secret handshake and the requirement for Machiavellian tenacity.  They are in agreement that the Christian God is irrelevant and the Muslim God requires reverence. Guns should be the property of the government and shooting of these guns should be a rare event. They treat abortion as nothing less than severing an infected limb. They all understand that Mexican immigrants in the majority will vote Democratic and as a consequence amnesty is acceptable. They also understand that smaller limited government is not in their ideological interest and counter to their political agenda.


The predominate principle of today’s progressive is to instrument  via the power of taxation, fees, penalties, and the specifically channeled disbursement of such revenue a liberal progressive government that will eventually construe a more malleable, less literal interpretation of the constitution. All part of “the change we can believe in.”


 Noting the effectual economic result of Keynesian philosophy, the concept of social justice and its meaningfulness, the use of government as a costly intermediary for the benefit of those who nurse from its offerings, the debasement of the individual in favor of ever-increasing State power I do believe that one cannot disagree that such is contrary to the original American precepts of liberty and freedom. 


For the progressive, Meliorism is the means to achieve the final utopia wherein peace, love, kindness, tolerance, accumulates plenteously in this land of secular happiness. Of course the question is who is it that persuades the multitude that their particular insight is best? And by what means will such persuasion encompass? One will need more than words to convert the ignorant, the unintelligent, and the ever-contrarian to submit to the will of the all-knowing progressive philosophy.



Authored by William Robert Barber

Yes, yes, the Democrats have the Republicans out of breath and looking for cover. And it is certainly true that the president’s attacks on his opposition are daring and audacious, one could say vicious. Clearly the president is not “the president of all the people.” Certainly, the Federal Reserve is printing, printing, and then printing some more; in symbiosis, the equity market is feeding cheap money into the selling of more and more stock certificates. The Chinese lenders are lending and the borrowers in America are borrowing. The populous are sitting on their hunches, satisfied that if they do not look about too keenly the round will eventually fit into the square…  All seems well in Camelot.

Religion is not fashionable. Pot is legal. And almost every state in the union has decided that gambling is not so bad after all. Traditional marriage is no longer traditional and according to progressives, the 2nd amendment to the constitution is nothing less than a vestige of a yesteryear that has no present applicability. The Chief Justice confirmed that congress can tax anything for any reason and President Obama has redefined Executive Order as a privilege extended at his discretion as a means to circumvent lawful process.

In his most recent press conference the president signaled that hallowed infallibility was a personal attribute; I suppose this révèle is in preparation for his anointment as Caesar upon winning back the House of Representative in another year and months.

Well, for those counter parties of the Obama doctrine it does seem a bit dark and cloudy. Ritual lament is all the rage within the conservative ranks. The left-leaning national media are almost sadistic in their discern of Republican dismemberment. Liberal progressives are rejoicing.

There is one factual reality however that the progressives will soon confront: Their policies — all of their policies — will fail.

President Obama proselytizes to citizens that government is rightfully involved and connected to everything people own. That it is government that furnishes a system in which it is entitled to have (and keep!) the resources, property, and money attained. He points out citizens’ dependency on numerous government provided tangibles as well as intangibles such as roads and bridges, the post office, armed forces, police, fire, and the list of government services is voluminous. This is the basis of progressives’ economic, social, and political ideology. All progressive policies are formed and founded on and around this central belief.

The ideological basis of the progressives’ central belief is wrongheaded and, less the application of draconian measures, doomed to eventual abandonment. Economic reality is catching up with the promises of political rhetoric. Debt is not the fiscal sword that will cleave the heart of America’s financial wherewithal. It is the cost and access to borrowing that will snatch the golden egg from the Federal Reserve and the Executive Branch. The present low, almost zero interest rates are the result of the artificial insemination of a value-depreciative dollar buoyed by the imprudent investment of U.S. issued IOU’s into government owned or -wholly controlled entities.

There are not enough taxable sources in the country to confiscate. The federal government is like the casino when hosting a poker game: Every hand that is dealt, the casino extracts a fee. And if that was the limit of government’s involvement — Hoorah! But far from it… the government takes private and public monies not even generated yet.

This nonsense will not stand the test of time nor the American tradition of good sense… soon the piper will be paid and that will end the progressives’ run on public sentiment. Remembering that “to secure these rights, Governments have been instituted among men.”  


Authored by William Robert Barber

I do wonder… Unanswerable questions inundate… When does this administration start to govern? Has political expediency replaced deductive logic? Has prudence as a rational requirement of the legislative process been deleted? Many why-for’s congregate. Is this congress’ mindfulness of the fiscal crisis and the impaired state of the union? Are the president and staff within the executive branch simply stuck in campaign mode?  Is the Obama administration no more or less than an ideological/political predisposition awaiting the next opportunity to enhance their brand of liberal progressivism?

The nation is borrowing. The Federal Reserve is industriously in the fiat manufacturing business. The Obama administration in collusion with Treasury has established a purposeful strategy on maintaining a façade of unwarranted (to validate that the present interest rate is unwarranted just affirm today’s price of gold) low interest rates so to spur continued borrowing.

While practicing a counterfeit pretense of possessing plenteousness, the reality is that unemployment is and has been higher than acceptable for years. By their own projection, congressional legislators are expending more cash than the tax rate increase on the wealthy collects.

Nevertheless, no Obama progressive seems to be concerned that such transacting negatively affects the nation’s fiscal viability. The deficit is growing by a trillion dollars a year. After tax interest rates on savings deposits are neutral or close to zero. As of this year an ObamaCare surtax of 3.8% is exacting a comparably sizable deduction from net expendable income for all Americans. A cap on earned income of $400,000 per person adding an additional $50,000 for couples is now 39.6% plus 20% dividends.

 The Obama administration’s fiscal alternative to decrease government spending is, in harmony with the Federal Reserve policy of ‘controlled’ inflation (which is the monitoring U.S. fiat currency against other widely-accepted currencies while implementing for domestic consumption a systemized scheme of dollar monetization.) This fiscal alternative is inextricably tied to a continuum of evermore tax and fee revenue flowing from constituents to the federal coffers.  

There will never enough money for government as long as politicians buy their office with promises. Congress has lost vestige of the constitution, statesmanship, honor, even honesty; the ideal of 1789 was challenged the week after ratification. Congress is all about the next election, media opinion, popular poll, and legislative confrontation.

The attorneys have won the congress and lost the American ideal of liberty and freedom for all.