5 01 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

I do wonder… Unanswerable questions inundate… When does this administration start to govern? Has political expediency replaced deductive logic? Has prudence as a rational requirement of the legislative process been deleted? Many why-for’s congregate. Is this congress’ mindfulness of the fiscal crisis and the impaired state of the union? Are the president and staff within the executive branch simply stuck in campaign mode?  Is the Obama administration no more or less than an ideological/political predisposition awaiting the next opportunity to enhance their brand of liberal progressivism?

The nation is borrowing. The Federal Reserve is industriously in the fiat manufacturing business. The Obama administration in collusion with Treasury has established a purposeful strategy on maintaining a façade of unwarranted (to validate that the present interest rate is unwarranted just affirm today’s price of gold) low interest rates so to spur continued borrowing.

While practicing a counterfeit pretense of possessing plenteousness, the reality is that unemployment is and has been higher than acceptable for years. By their own projection, congressional legislators are expending more cash than the tax rate increase on the wealthy collects.

Nevertheless, no Obama progressive seems to be concerned that such transacting negatively affects the nation’s fiscal viability. The deficit is growing by a trillion dollars a year. After tax interest rates on savings deposits are neutral or close to zero. As of this year an ObamaCare surtax of 3.8% is exacting a comparably sizable deduction from net expendable income for all Americans. A cap on earned income of $400,000 per person adding an additional $50,000 for couples is now 39.6% plus 20% dividends.

 The Obama administration’s fiscal alternative to decrease government spending is, in harmony with the Federal Reserve policy of ‘controlled’ inflation (which is the monitoring U.S. fiat currency against other widely-accepted currencies while implementing for domestic consumption a systemized scheme of dollar monetization.) This fiscal alternative is inextricably tied to a continuum of evermore tax and fee revenue flowing from constituents to the federal coffers.  

There will never enough money for government as long as politicians buy their office with promises. Congress has lost vestige of the constitution, statesmanship, honor, even honesty; the ideal of 1789 was challenged the week after ratification. Congress is all about the next election, media opinion, popular poll, and legislative confrontation.

The attorneys have won the congress and lost the American ideal of liberty and freedom for all.




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