17 01 2013

Authored by William Robert Barber

Yes, yes, the Democrats have the Republicans out of breath and looking for cover. And it is certainly true that the president’s attacks on his opposition are daring and audacious, one could say vicious. Clearly the president is not “the president of all the people.” Certainly, the Federal Reserve is printing, printing, and then printing some more; in symbiosis, the equity market is feeding cheap money into the selling of more and more stock certificates. The Chinese lenders are lending and the borrowers in America are borrowing. The populous are sitting on their hunches, satisfied that if they do not look about too keenly the round will eventually fit into the square…  All seems well in Camelot.

Religion is not fashionable. Pot is legal. And almost every state in the union has decided that gambling is not so bad after all. Traditional marriage is no longer traditional and according to progressives, the 2nd amendment to the constitution is nothing less than a vestige of a yesteryear that has no present applicability. The Chief Justice confirmed that congress can tax anything for any reason and President Obama has redefined Executive Order as a privilege extended at his discretion as a means to circumvent lawful process.

In his most recent press conference the president signaled that hallowed infallibility was a personal attribute; I suppose this révèle is in preparation for his anointment as Caesar upon winning back the House of Representative in another year and months.

Well, for those counter parties of the Obama doctrine it does seem a bit dark and cloudy. Ritual lament is all the rage within the conservative ranks. The left-leaning national media are almost sadistic in their discern of Republican dismemberment. Liberal progressives are rejoicing.

There is one factual reality however that the progressives will soon confront: Their policies — all of their policies — will fail.

President Obama proselytizes to citizens that government is rightfully involved and connected to everything people own. That it is government that furnishes a system in which it is entitled to have (and keep!) the resources, property, and money attained. He points out citizens’ dependency on numerous government provided tangibles as well as intangibles such as roads and bridges, the post office, armed forces, police, fire, and the list of government services is voluminous. This is the basis of progressives’ economic, social, and political ideology. All progressive policies are formed and founded on and around this central belief.

The ideological basis of the progressives’ central belief is wrongheaded and, less the application of draconian measures, doomed to eventual abandonment. Economic reality is catching up with the promises of political rhetoric. Debt is not the fiscal sword that will cleave the heart of America’s financial wherewithal. It is the cost and access to borrowing that will snatch the golden egg from the Federal Reserve and the Executive Branch. The present low, almost zero interest rates are the result of the artificial insemination of a value-depreciative dollar buoyed by the imprudent investment of U.S. issued IOU’s into government owned or -wholly controlled entities.

There are not enough taxable sources in the country to confiscate. The federal government is like the casino when hosting a poker game: Every hand that is dealt, the casino extracts a fee. And if that was the limit of government’s involvement — Hoorah! But far from it… the government takes private and public monies not even generated yet.

This nonsense will not stand the test of time nor the American tradition of good sense… soon the piper will be paid and that will end the progressives’ run on public sentiment. Remembering that “to secure these rights, Governments have been instituted among men.”  




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