22 01 2013


Authored by William Robert Barber


Politicians attain elective victory by fooling some of the right people all of the time; while their staff and public relation subordinates concentrate their endeavor on fooling  enough  of the people at the right time. I say ‘by fooling’ because seemingly, for politicians as well as the electorate the truth of the matter is treated as irrelevant old news. The candidate is more concerned with the results of focus groups, polls, funding, and contributors then in pronouncing his or her truthfulness.  Whereas seemingly, the voters (other than the directly affected) act befuddled and confused as if challenged by some ambiguity of intricate enormity rendering them (the voters) lost in a midst of purgatorial indecision. 


President Obama is the quintessential protagonist in the ongoing melodrama of a successful politician manipulating the elective via a campaign of duplicitous foolishness. Furthermore, no other politician is more adapt at topic misdirection, hyperbolic declarations, scurrilous accusations, lying, and outright deception than this president. Within the amoral world of Obama it is perfectly normal for our president too at one time to be adamantly against and later be equally for. Conversely, the president can effortlessly, at another instance, be adamantly for, what he was equally adamant against. Depending on the moment and servings of a particular convenience, the meaningfulness of his words are automatically adjusted to dwell in the shadows created by his artful blocking of the truth.


Successful fooling of the electorate requires affinities of national media, unions, lobbyist, and either a simple majority of 51% of voters or a montage of differing demographics that coalesce under the same ensign.  The president successfully appealed to varied parts of voters that made up a cohesive montage; and with the aid and assist of a complacently compliant media, union loyalist, secularist, the academic community, pro-abortionist, Hollywood, and those that pay no federal taxes. It is the coalescent of all the heretofore mentioned that effectuated a victorious reelection. Of course the Democrats did have the aid and assist of a weak Republican message, unmotivated conservative constituency, and a candidate who lacked the empathy required to communicate a clear message.


 Now what I mean by fooling does not apply to roughly twenty-five percent of the president’s ardent cohorts; there’s no fooling there and no fooling required.  That twenty-five percent are fervid progressives; these ideologues are all cogent of the secret handshake and the requirement for Machiavellian tenacity.  They are in agreement that the Christian God is irrelevant and the Muslim God requires reverence. Guns should be the property of the government and shooting of these guns should be a rare event. They treat abortion as nothing less than severing an infected limb. They all understand that Mexican immigrants in the majority will vote Democratic and as a consequence amnesty is acceptable. They also understand that smaller limited government is not in their ideological interest and counter to their political agenda.


The predominate principle of today’s progressive is to instrument  via the power of taxation, fees, penalties, and the specifically channeled disbursement of such revenue a liberal progressive government that will eventually construe a more malleable, less literal interpretation of the constitution. All part of “the change we can believe in.”


 Noting the effectual economic result of Keynesian philosophy, the concept of social justice and its meaningfulness, the use of government as a costly intermediary for the benefit of those who nurse from its offerings, the debasement of the individual in favor of ever-increasing State power I do believe that one cannot disagree that such is contrary to the original American precepts of liberty and freedom. 


For the progressive, Meliorism is the means to achieve the final utopia wherein peace, love, kindness, tolerance, accumulates plenteously in this land of secular happiness. Of course the question is who is it that persuades the multitude that their particular insight is best? And by what means will such persuasion encompass? One will need more than words to convert the ignorant, the unintelligent, and the ever-contrarian to submit to the will of the all-knowing progressive philosophy.





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