Authored by William Robert Barber

Regarding the “sequester” issue, I am a bit confused by the robustly implied as well as explicit economic determinations propositioned by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, cabinet officers, and senior elected officials of the Democratic Party.  

As I understand their judgment: the federal government’s cash infusion is so significant that any decrease of government subsidy into the economy, specifically decreasing the present rate of growth by less than 3%, would devastate the country’s economy. If this is so, is this not a perfect example of “too big to fail?” Which of course begs relevance to the obvious query: how in the world did the federal government’s financial contribution to this country’s economic well-being become so dominating and dependent?

And since we’re bringing up that question, where does all this cash come from? Does the government have title to undocumented gold and silver mines? Is it selling off assets? Maybe the feds are selling off the deposits posted in U.S. banks and custodial depositories of foreign countries? Because as I understand it the federal government is not a business; in fact, the government survives on the surpluses of private enterprise; those surpluses are conveyed as taxes and fees. Surely, the federal government is not buying its own debt, speculating on mortgage futures, borrowing from Social Security, its citizens, private enterprises, and foreign governments; surely, these graduates of Harvard and Yale know better than that?!

I do believe that this time the Obama administration has stretched the bull, its tail, and the horns a bit too far. As Senator Clinton said of General Petraeus, “a willing suspension of disbelief,” I now bestow this quote upon all who argue against implementing the cuts as directed by law.

The progressives are obligated to continue spending money; they are addicted to the wholesale enlargement of government; they are only concerned and entranced with and hell bent on eliminating all opposition to their ideological wherewithal. Their goal is to control. Control everything. How one thinks, acts, eats, drinks, and deliberates. The Obama league of willing participants, as witnessed by their speeches and championed by the president, embellishes, distorts, conjures, and lies. Hypocrisy though obvious is dismissed; indeed, the national media (of all sorts) erase, edit, reconfigure, ignore, and affiliate in the interest of promoting the progressives’ goal.

Well, the game’s in play. This infinitesimal cut in the growth of government has raised a storm of controversy; if the Republicans continue fighting off the irrational bully, they may come out of this with some very public creditability.


Authored by William Robert Barber

If today’s politics were submitted twenty years ago as the basis of a screenplay and the sequester issue in congress was the mainstay plot; if the protagonists of today were scripted with the word for word exactness presently depicted by the national press; and if the fear tactics employed by the White House Staff as well as the president’s cabinet officers, press secretary, and ad hoc political surrogates made up the contextual of the screenplay, no producer, director, nor script reader would find the premise a reasonable possibility.

“Surely,” they would conclude, “There’s no chance that the leadership of this nation could condone such silliness. This script is too farfetched and contrived.” They would stamp REJECT and send the script back to wherever it had come from.

This entire sequester issue is a fanciful contrivance. If we the people cannot see the folly in this Obama induced hype then we truly are adrift, disoriented, bewildered, forlorn, and forsaken to the acceptance of liberal progressive political nonsense as a truism, a factual maxim, and therefore a rationalization of and for the subordination of existential principles.  

For reasons unbeknownst to me (regarding the sequester issue) the president and his cohorts can’t seem to grasps the problem. This federal government spends more than it takes in. This is the simple definitive of the problem. The solution is to cut the spending to match the incoming revenue. And yes, instead of taxing more spend less. Concentrate on broadening the tax base, cut out loop-holes, stop subsidizing any and all unworthy programs, and eliminate funding the United Nations, labor unions, and giving away foreign aid in the form of weaponry to quasi-friends, such as Egypt. Whoops, that’s enough to brand me a nihilistic right-wing fanatic.

One would think that exploring oil and gas, opening the pipeline from Canada, revamping federal entitlements, reconstituting Medicare requirements, merit testing Social Security and welfare. But no, withstanding the need for such prudent action such is not the Democratic liberal-progressive agenda. They would rather print money, tax more, spend more, and the devil with good-sense.

For the president this is all about the election of 2014. For him and his ideological subjects nothing else really matters. Winning for him is a Democratic majority in congress; in the interim, for the nation’s interest, “let them eat cake.”

Of course nothing is as damaging to the economy as the forthcoming increase in interest; this increase from today’s rate of almost zero will stop all the nonsense that the progressives could possibly dream of. When the debt cannot be serviced because the interest payments are excessive and insurmountable all hell will break lose. Equity market will dip, bond market will appreciate, unemployment will increase, and unless a strong dollar is the goal thereby hurting exports Obama will need to polish up his rhetoric and the progressives will need to find some other cause to blame.


Authored by William Robert Barber

If one cannot effectively persuade, one cannot gain consensus; if one cannot gain consensus, one cannot lead. Presently, the Republican Party cannot lead nor coalesce nor speak with even a conspicuous voice. The Party has a difficult time holding fast to its ideals or its core tradition as being the conservative alternative to the Democrats.

The sequester was a concept that the Republicans signed on to… now that the effectual is days away, some-enough Republicans want to back away from not a cut in spending but a cut in the growth of spending. This is as ridiculous as the president (in November of 2011) pledging to veto any attempt at rescinding these automatic across-the-board cuts. Now, this very same president is forwarding dire consequences should the sequester be initiated.

An immigration solution was soundly defeated when Bush proposed it; Republicans called it amnesty. Today, the Republican members of the ad hoc committee led by the Floridian junior Senator of Cuban ethnicity suggests that the eleven million plus illegals already in the USA should receive a free pass to legally reside while congress wrestles with border security and other politically inspired nonsense. Now that suggestion is not amnesty, hmm… if that was the mindset, why not move in that direction when Bush proposed an immigration solution? That would have stymied the Democrats on that issue.

The federal deficit along with spending is out of control. ObamaCare has premiums going up, not down. Unemployment percentages are hovering around eight percent. Every day for the last month the price of gasoline has appreciated. Across the scope of political ideology the majority of politicians, voters, economists, and the Congressional Budget Office all agree that if federal entitlements are not modified to drastically lower operational cost, the programs will be financially impaired.  The Senate has not produced a budget for years; the president is thus far two months late with his budgetary submission. President Obama’s executive orders circumvent constitutional due process. Presidential recess appointments negate prescience and antecedence.  The Justice Department skates on the mismanagement of “fast & furious.” Benghazi is a White House cover up; the president’s response to the attack was nothing less than an extraordinary mix of distortion, lies, duplicitous nonsense, and “pants on fire” denials. I could go on…

And still! The Republicans cannot get a foothold on favorable public awareness…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Are we “the people” so daft? As exemplified by the president’s State of the Union speech, are we, as with the president, so utterly disengaged from reality that we can be led by the left hand of rhetorical nothingness? Are we-in the interest of enforcing the thesis of social justice and the imposition of an egalitarian entitlement society-to scurry off the cliff and into the abyss of imprudent economic meandering?  Economic meandering is effectively the messaging content of president’s State of the Union address. Although positioning self as a classic a Deus ex Machina he spoke only in rambling generalizations. The president communicates in an axiomatic manner; his prose is as elegant as a Shakespearean sonnet. But his hortatory is void of meaningfulness.

I concede that President Obama is neither a bête noir nor a paladin of righteous virtue. However, he is much more dangerous than the average politician of Machiavellian persuasion. Untethered by the askance normally bequeathed upon a sitting president with criticism limited to obvious contrarians, the president, possessing the ability, according to an adulatory press, to leap over tall buildings, as well as, pointed questions, this unapologetic Europhile, founded exclusively on pretty words unchallenged by ugly facts has, despite the anaphoric, “not one dime on the deficit,” captured the nation’s all-important benefit of the doubt.  

It has been said that, “the past is future’s prologue.” And how many times have we experienced the negative results of greater, larger, more powerful governments. I do not believe a list is required; but if one was required, the list would be long, multicultural, cross historical, with no geographic limitation. History has documented, powerful governments only become more powerful, more intrusive, more of everything; and in proportion, individualism, liberty, and freedom abate and wither.

Clearly the State of the Union speech was a rally cry for bigger and greater government, inclusive of the bigger and greater, the president is more than a willing proponent and practitioner of Raubwirtsschaft. Which is an economic system most profitably practiced by the Roman Empire; but instead of robbing countries, the president robs the supposed wealthy, ostensibly, to give entitlements to the have less, of course factually, these funds do more to enrich and empower government.

In the speech the president did welcome the Republicans to contribute their ideas. He had a caveat as to his willingness to accept their idea. But the confessed caveat was not really the caveat that resides within his heart and mind. That caveat is: “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

The president is a dirigisme. He believes that society or should I say the economically defined poor to middle class within society would be happier and more justly served by a benevolent government that did all the thinking for them. Of course, in the interest of the common good, this government could not have limits or restrictions.  A constitution for the idealized progressive is more an encumbrance to the implementation of social justice than a guarantee of individual liberty beside individual liberty is persistent contra to common justice and fairness.

Amazingly, the American people actually believe this president…


Authored by William Robert Barber

Government spending will be cut with genuine authenticity only when the interest rate is raised by the Federal Reserve, thereby rendering the interest on the debt a budgetary untenable. Unless and until the interest rate is increased by at least 100+ basis points the federal government is able to play the music, dance around the issue, and pay the fiddler with devalued dollars. The Obama government’s persistence with this precarious fiscal endeavor (to expend more capital than accrued by tax revenue) will continue until hell freezes over, interest is raised, or the Republicans gain voting control of Congress.  

The statutorily structured independent status of the Federal Reserve has evolved, operationally, into an interdependent entity. An entity that is in Simpatico with the concerns of the Treasury and in tandem with the fiscal policies of the White House; consultation is admitted but collusion between the after fore mentioned is harshly denied. Nevertheless the evidence is that the White House, Treasury, and the Federal Reserve exchange quid pro quos is performance-apparent. If one couples this collusion with the Federal Reserve’s plan for the purposeful monetizing of the debt to the detriment of the creditor; it is certainly plausible that the Feds are implementing an inflation solution to satisfy the abatement of the national deficit.  Once one accepts this as an objective-effectif of the Feds one has also deciphered the president’s economic end game and the why fore of such collusion in the first cause.

Membership in the president’s cabinet will be decided, as it was for the 1st century Rome’s centurion to Caesar, founded solely on the basis of fidelity to President Obama.  The Constitution as referenced by Obama’s progressive acolytes’ interpretive, is subject to determinations of present considerations and modern-age developments not to the literal as written interpretation.  Adding amendments to the original doctrine is a long and difficult process one that progressives’ reject; instead, they favor embellishment, misdirection, avoidance, and adherence to the spirit of lawfulness. By manipulating the legal process, such as President Obama’s recent recess appointments, disobedience of statutory requirement, as exemplified with Senate majority leader’s unwillingness to vote on a budget, and by the president’s constant demeaning of any opposing viewpoints with unsubstantiated ad hoc and often scurrilous declaratives.  

For the president and the progressively inclined Democrats executive Orders and the manipulation of the legal, as well as, (when required) extralegal are wares of exponential resource so to enhance the power of government.  The president’s mission is not to persuade in the interest of consensus so to implement policy; far from it. The president is only focused on the next election. His aim is to control congress with his brethren of liberal progressives in the majority-nothing else matters.

This nation has been down this road before. After two terms of progressive President Wilson the post-war economy was in a free fall and the nation required a new vision. Warren Harding provided that new governing order. Harding won a clear landslide election a total repudiation of Wilson and his progressive agenda. Harding’s formula for economic success was low taxes & tariffs, less central government, and adherence to constitutional’s original intent. After President Harding’s death whiles still in office Calvin Coolidge continued in the same manner and form.

The nation then as today faced a clear choice it can return to free-market ideals, lower taxes, smaller government and the restriction of the Federal Reserve’s promiscuous fiat monetary policies therefore abandoning Keynesian susceptibilities which invariably will lead to a European-style social democratic governance or NOT.

Now I wonder can conservatives’ persuade a majority to vote in their favor or will they, the have less and the have not’s vote progressive so to guarantee their government sanctioned entitlements?


Authored by William Robert Barber

Our republic has evolved from the constitutional tenets and canons of 1789 into a social media- fundraising-propaganda-spieling enterprise calculated to provoke and stimulate the citizenry into channeling politically divergent perspectives onto and against their respective opponent.

The Democratic Party in liaison and affiliation with the wonks of academia, Capitol Hill elitist and the varied disseminators of national media, (who have long ago decided to vantage entertainment over substance) have a wizard within the office of the presidency who at his discretion orchestrates the chaos into order and upending order in favor of chaos.

While bullishly irresponsible on fiscal concerns, President Obama’s domestic and foreign policy is disconcerting. These liberal progressive doctrinaires, brethren of the president, with the implicit aid and assist of the Federal Reserve, by outlandish spending, have created a negative cash flow nation. This government of the United States of America has eaten its tail and presently, at the risk of financial impairment, is contemplating to devouring its vital organs.

And for what purpose one may ask? The answers might be: So to fund an entitlement State; to redistribute some peoples’ money to other people, for foreign aid/wars, for the benefit of indefinable possibilities; for the intangibly vague (such as education), and to bequeath cash to those qualifiers who are dedicated functionaries (Democratic Party subservient loyalist) who grant, lend, give, and waste taxpayer funds, all in the name of President Obama’s ideal of fairness and social justice.

Fundamentally, the elected act and the constitution be damned;” if you don’t like it,” those exercising the power and prestige of their elected office declare, “Take it up with the Supreme Court.” Senators and congresspersons have and do violate the rules of their own making, the president decides which laws he is going to enforce; he enacts executive privilege and the congressional investigation of “Fast & Furious “ends. Is this the government we Americans envisioned as a democratic republic?

The Obama administration has implemented (and is in the process of implementing) the final touches and nuances negating the constitutional consequences and effects of the checks & balance system, the senatorial prerogative of  advice & consent, and the principal of federalism, while at every opportunity usurping the power vested with the House of Representatives.

There is a revolution afoot; and so far the Liberal Progressives are winning…